General Information for Toyo Top Global Scholarship A Recipients(September 2018 Admission)

Information for Toyo Top Global Scholarship A Recipients

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Initial Schedule
Scholarship: Toyo Top Global Scholarship A
Japanese Language
Pre-entry Program Information from the Faculty



The recipients of Toyo Top Global Scholarship Type A are required to live in the student dormitory assigned by Toyo University during their first year. All female students will be staying at Kitazono Women's Student Dormitory and all male students will be staying at Toyo University International House.

NOTE: Kitazono Wome's Student Dormitory is the private dormitory which Toyo University has a contract. It is a women-only facility with residents ranging from high school students to graduate students. It is not exclusive to Toyo University students.

1) Location

Toyo University will arrange housing for all recipients of Toyo Top Global Scholarship A for the first year. It takes approximately 30 minutes to commute to each campus from either Toyo University International House or Kitazono Women's Student Dormitory.

2) Duration of Stay

The period of residence at the assigned dormitory is one year. Toyo Top Global Scholarship A recipients are required to find their own housing for the 2nd year and after. For information about move-in date, please see 3) Move-in Date below. The specific move-out date will be announced later at the end of the first academic year, but it is usually scheduled in mid-August.

3) Move-in Date

Move-in Date for INIAD students: 
     Saturday, September 1, 2018
     Check-in Time: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Move-in Date for GINOS students: 
     Monday, September 10, 2018
     Check-in Time: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm

  • To be admitted in time, a student must book a flight which arrives at Narita or Haneda International Airport no later than 3:00 p.m. on the day.
  • If a student plans to arrive earlier than the above dates, s/he is responsible for securing her/his own accommodation.
  • A student with a lot of luggage is advised to send it to the dormitory via a door-to-door delivery service company such as “KURONEKO YAMATO” or “SAGAWA EXPRESS” located in the arrival lobby of the airport.
  • No airport pick-up service will be available.
  • A student will be responsible for the train/bus fares between the airport and the dormitory.
  • How to come to each dormitory from the airports:
    Access to Toyo University International House from Airports [PDFファイル/995KB]
    Access to Kitazono Women's Student Dormitory from Airports [PDFファイル/732KB]

4) Dormitory Rent and Fees

Dormitory rent and fees*: 70,000 yen per month
* The dormitory rent and fees include rent, basic utilities (electricity up to certain amount and water), internet (wired), and some other facility costs.
* The dormitory rent and fees do NOT include meals, telephone, and other personal expenses.

○ How to Pay the Dormitory Rent and Fees

The dormitory rent and fees are deducted from the monthly scholarship stipend.
Toyo Top Global Scholarship Type A (150,000 yen) - Dormitory Rent and Fees (70,000 yen) = 80,000 yen will be disbursed to the student.

5) Rules and Regulations of the Dormitory

On being admitted to the dormitory assigned by Toyo University, you must agree to the terms described in the rules and regulations of the assigned dormitory.

Please read them, and if you agree to comply with the rules and regulations, submit the "Pledge" or "Agreement" through ToyoNet-Ace under the section of 'Pledge as a dormitory resident / Agreement on Rules and Regulations' by July 20 (Friday).
     Agreement on Rules for Use of Toyo University International House [Wordファイル/44KB]
     【Kitazono】 Rules and Regulations_English [PDFファイル/172KB]
     Pledge_KITAZONO Women’s Student Dormitory [Wordファイル/17KB]

Initial Schedule

The information about the orientation meetings and other procedures for INIAD students will be sent to the student in an individual e-mail. The orientation meetings for GINOS students will be held from Friday, September 14, 2018, onward. The detailed schedule of the orientation will be available later.

Scholarship: Toyo Top Global Scholarship A

1) Scholarship Amount

150,000 yen per month

2) Stipend Amount and Disbursement Method

  • For the first year, the scholarship amount after subtracting the expenses such as the dormitory rent and fees will be transferred to the bank account which the student will open after arriving in Japan.
  • After the student leaves the dormitory, s/he will receive 150,000 yen monthly from September 2019.

3) Disbursement Date

Around the 25th of every month
* The first disbursement will be made on September 25, 2018.

4) Enrollment Verification

The recipient of this scholarship must show up at the Student Affairs Office in-person and sign on the document every month to verify one's enrollment. The scholarship will not be disbursed without this enrollment verification.

5) Multiple Scholarships

The recipient of this scholarship is not allowed to receive any other scholarships.

6) Annual Evaluation of Scholarship Eligibility

To be entitled to receive the scholarship from the second year onward, the recipient must meet the specified requirements every year. More details of this scholarship eligibility evaluation will be provided at the orientation meeting after the students arrive in Japan.

Japanese Language

Hello students,

Even though you were not required to have known Japanese when you applied, it is always helpful to know the basic language of the country where you are going to study prior to your arrival. Particularly, it is strongly recommended that you study Hiragana, Katakana, and some basic greeting before you arrive in Japan so your transition to your new life in Japan will go smoothly.

To head start your Japanese language acquisition, here are several websites which assist students self-studying Japanese for free of charge.

Important!! We Need Your Name in Japanese!

When you first arrive in Japan, there will be several occasions which you will be asked to write your name in Japanese -- at school, dormitory, municipal offices, banks and others.

If you have never studied Japanese language and do not know how to write your name in Japanese, ask your Japanese friends or teachers how to write your name in Japanese and practice.

If you do not know any Japanese friends or teachers, e-mail us at and give us your name in phonetic symbols or pronunciation symbols. We would like to make sure that your name should be pronounced and written in Japanese as close to its original pronunciation as possible.


  • ‘Rosa’ can be pronounced as [róuzə], [rósa] , [ró:sa], etc. In Japanese, it can be written respectively as [ローザ], [ロサ], [ローサ], etc.
  • ‘Michael’ can be pronounced as [mάɪk(ə)l], [Mîkhā'ēl], [mi ʃé l], etc. In Japanese, it can be written respectively as [マイケル], [ミカエル], [ミッシェル], etc.

It is very important that your name is pronounced and written as you wish to be in Japanese language since you will be using it for the next 4 years or more.

If you are diligent enough, take the very quick free lessons of the basic Japanese using the websites listed below. On eMinato, they offer a free online course on Hiragana and another course on Katakana. Each course takes about 20 hours to complete (2 hours a day for 10 days!).

Pre-entry Program Information from the Faculty

The information will be sent to the student via email.


For questions, contact the International Affairs Office at .