General Information: Information【 All International Students from Overseas】

General Information: All International Students

Introducing Toyo University
Life in Japan
Other Information (Housing, Scholarship, Information from Faculty, and Contact)


Introducing Toyo University

1) Campuses

Hakusan Campus

Faculty of Letters

Faculty of Economics

Faculty of Business Administration

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Sociology

Faculty of Global and Regional Studies

Faculty of International Tourism Management

Akabanedai Campus

Faculty of Information Networking for Innovation and Design

Itakura Campus

Faculty of Life Sciences

Faculty of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Asaka Campus

Faculty of Human Life Design

Kawagoe Campus


Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty of Information Sciences and Arts


2) Campus Life



  • All international students who got accepted to a degree-program at Toyo University are eligible for “Student” visa. Toyo University will submit a proxy application for resident status on your behalf to get your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) issued. You will need this COE when you apply for visa.
    Read the instruction on the following link and make a request for the proxy application for a resident status.

    How to request proxy application for a residence status

  • Toyo University will submit a proxy application for a resident status to Japan’s Immigration Bureau as early as December or January for April admission students depending on the timing of the completion of Admission Procedure. It usually takes about a month or longer for the Immigration Bureau to process the application.
  • Once your COE is issued, Toyo International Affairs Office will send your COE with the Admission Letter to you by courier service to the address you indicated on the “Request for Proxy Application for Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status.” The scholarship award letter will also be sent to you at this time if you are a recipient of Toyo Top Global Scholarship A or B.
  • Apply for “Student” visa at Japanese Embassy/Consulate as soon as you receive COE. Check the website of the Japanese Embassy where you plan to apply for visa to find out how to apply for visa and start preparing the required documents while waiting for your COE so you can submit the application as soon as you receive the COE.

    List of Japanese Embassies and Consulates

  • YOU MUST GET “STUDENT” VISA BEFORE ENTERING JAPAN. Do not enter Japan on any other visa or without visa.


Life in Japan

1) Climate in Tokyo

Climate in Tokyo

Please click here to see some more details.


2) Living Guide for International Students in Japan


3) Lectures for Foreign Students on Disaster Control


4) Money

Anticipated Expenditures for the First Month

You need to at least 200,000 yen to settle in Tokyo for the first one month.

  • Transportation fees: Fares for the commuter’s pass vary depending on the location of your residence and the campus (JPY 5,000 – JPY 12,000 per month for student rate).
  • Food : 30,000 yen
  • National Health Insurance : 2,000 yen for the 1st month
  • Books : 50,000 yen for the 1st semester
  • Miscellaneous: 50,000 yen
Currency Exchange

Japan is very much still a cash-based society. We recommend you to exchange money at Narita or Haneda airport in Japan or in your country before departure.

It is also recommended that you bring an ATM card from your country which can be used overseas. There are many ATMs you can withdraw money with an ATM card from overseas.

Credit card can be useful also for paying utility and cell phone bills, online shopping, etc.

Banking in Japan

It is recommended that you open a bank account in Japan. It can be used for paying rent and various bills, and it can also be used to receive scholarship, part-time job salary, etc.


5) Cell Phone

SIM cards allow you to use your own mobile phones in Japan, provided the phones are unlocked and workable on the Japanese network. Please click here to see more information.


Other Information (Housing, Initial Schedule, Scholarship, Pre-entry Program Information from Faculty, etc.)