General Information 【Toyo Top Global Scholarship B Recipients】

General Information: Toyo Top Global Scholarship B Recipients

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Initial Schedule
Scholarship: Toyo Top Global Scholarship B
Pre-entry Program Information from the Faculty



See Student Affairs Office ‘Information on Housing(アパート紹介・学生寮のご案内)’ website.


Initial Schedule

You first need to report to the university on Monday, April 2nd, for the enrollment procedure. The orientation meetings for new students will be start on this date. Please contact individual Faculty Office for more detailed schedule and information about the orientation week.

April 2nd (Mon) through April 7th (Sun): Orientation sessions by each faculty
April 6th (Fri)    Entrance Ceremony at Nippon Budokan*

* Entrance ceremony for all newly admitted students will be held at Nippon Budokan. A ticket to the entrance ceremony will be send to you with the COE and Admission Letter, and each student is allowed to bring one guest to the venue. The entrance ceremony is a formal event. Japanese students usually come in business formal attire. You do not need to buy a new outfit just for this event. However, as a general guideline, it is advised that you dress like when you would go for a job interview.


Scholarship: Toyo Top Global Scholarship B

1) Scholarship Amount

82,000 yen per month


2) Payment Method

Payments will be made into the bank account opened by the recipient after arriving in Japan.


3) Payment Date

25th of every month
* The first payment will be made on April 25, 2018.


4) Enrollment Verification

Recipient of this scholarship must show up at the Student Affairs Office in-person to verify the enrollment every month. The scholarship will not be disbursed without this enrollment verification.


5) Multiple Scholarships

The recipient of this scholarship is not allowed to receive any other scholarships.


6) Annual Evaluation of Scholarship Eligibility

To continue receiving scholarship payments from the second year onward, the recipient must meet specified requirements every year. More details of this scholarship eligibility evaluation will be provided at the orientation meeting after you arrive in Japan.


Pre-entry Program Information from the Faculty

Each faculty may require newly admitted students pre-entry program. Please contact the individual faculty office for more information.



For questions, contact International Affairs Office at .