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General Information: All International Students

Life in Japan

1) Climate in Tokyo

2) Living Guide for International Students in Japan 

3) Lectures for Foreign Students on Disaster Control

4) Money

5) National Health Insurance



Life in Japan

1) Climate in Tokyo

Climate in Tokyo

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2) Living Guide for International Students in Japan 

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3)Lectures for Foreign Students on Disaster Control

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4) Living Expenses and Banking

◆Anticipated Expenditures for the First Month◆

You need to at least 200,000 yen to settle in Tokyo for the first one month.

  • Transportation fees: Fares for the commuter’s pass vary depending on the location of your residence and the campus (JPY 5,000 – JPY 12,000 per month for student rate).
  • Food : 30,000 yen
  • National Health Insurance : 2,000 yen for the 1st month
  • Books : 50,000 yen for the 1st semester
  • Miscellaneous: 50,000 yen

    For more information, see the following website (external). 
◆Banking in Japan◆

It is compulsory that you open a bank account in Japan. It can be used for paying rent and various bills, and it can also be used to receive scholarship, part-time job salary, etc.

◆Cell Phone◆

SIM cards allow you to use your own mobile phones in Japan, provided the phones are unlocked and workable on the Japanese network. Please click here to see more information.

5)National Health Insurance

1.Applying for National Health Insurance


National Health Insurance Division at the municipal office (after completing alien registration)

Ineligible Cases for Insurance Benefits

  1. Medical examinations and treatments where insurance does not apply, bed fee difference, meal fee borne by patient while hospitalized, cost of materials, etc.
  2. Health Checks
  3. Immunization
  4. Cosmetic Surgery
  5. Orthodontics
  6. Normal childbirth or abortion for economic reasons
    (abnormalities during delivery shall be covered by insured medical treatment.)
  7. Injuries during work
    (cases covered by worker's compensation insurance)

2.Cases of High Monthly Medical Care

If hospitalized for a long period and the expenses borne by the insured for medical expenses for a month or more (the 1st to the last day of the month), costs (except for hospital bed fees, meal fees, medical expenses for health insurance outside of the treatments) that exceed the fixed amount (35,400 yen) will, in principle, be refunded after filing a claim.

Filing method/period

After 3 months of receiving treatment, a notice for file ("Notice of Determination for High Medical Care") will be sent directly to your address from the National Health Division at your municipal office. Follow the instructions to complete the process.


The National Health Insurance Division at the municipal office you completed alien registration at.

3.Cases Where Covering the Full Amount is Difficult

In the case it is difficult to pay the full amount responsible (30% of medical and pharmaceutical fees), there is an "entrusted payment" system to pay only the amount responsible for with approval from medical institutions beforehand. Designated procedures are required at the National Health Insurance Division at the municipal office you completed alien registration at.

4.Other, Benefits from Enrolling in National Health Insurance

  1. National Health Insured Childbirth: For each perinatal birth, 350,000 yen will be paid as a lump sum payment for birth
  2. National Health Insured Death: For those that are buried, financial aid is provided for burial expenses