Toyo University Japanese Presentation Contest 2021

Toyo University Japanese Presentation Contest 2021
Fourth Toyo University Japanese Presentation Contest to be Held



Date and time: 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Saturday, January 8, 2022
Online streaming (from 125 Memorial Hall, 7th floor, Building 8, Hakusan Campus, Toyo University) 

“The SDGs from now - proposals toward the future”
Six years have already passed since the SDGs were adopted as a guideline at the United Nations Summit in 2015.
How has the world changed in six years? What should we do to achieve the goals by 2030?
Select one theme from the 17 goals, and make a proposal toward the future, based on your major or department.

Selection and evaluation
1. Time: Six minutes for presentation and four minutes for Q&A
2. Presentation style: Use of slideshow applications, such as PowerPoint, is accepted.
3. Evaluation items: Content and structure (20%) ・ Consideration for Listeners (20%) ・ Expressiveness (20%) ・
    Japanese Language A
bility (20%) ・ Questions and answers (20%)

- First to third prizes (1st: 15,000 yen worth of book coupons and an extra prize; 2nd: 10,000 yen worth of book coupons and an extra prize; 3rd: 5,000 yen worth of book coupons and an extra prize)
- Audience prize

Application period
Friday, October 1 to Saturday, November 20, 2021

Eligibility for participation
1. Applications must be made by one student.
Applicants must be undergraduate, graduate or international exchange students who are not native Japanese speakers.
3. Participants must come to the venue on the day of the contest.

How to apply
Apply via the application form.
To apply for the contest, applicants must summarize the message of the presentation in a file (A4, single sheet and free format) and attach the file to the form. The file must include the following three items: 1. Reason for application, 2. Theme and 3. Main points.

Click here for the application form

Note: You must log in to with your “” email address to access the form.
If you cannot log in, log out from all Google accounts and then try again to log in with your “” email address.

Preliminary screening
If eight or more entries are submitted, the entries will be subject to preliminary screening based on the files uploaded at the time of application.

December 1: Announcement of the preliminary screening results
During December: Preparatory workshop to instruct applicants who have passed the preliminary screening (The date and time have yet to be decided.)
December 20 to 30: Submission of presentation slides
January 8: The day of the contest

Previous contests
AY 2020
AY 2019
AY 2018

For Japanese Presentation Contest 2021 applicants
Notice of reservation for spot-type Japanese Writing Program

Every applicant to the Japanese Presentation Contest can receive advice on how to create presentation slides and manuscripts and how to deliver a presentation.
 Applicants can also consult on the materials to be submitted at the time of application (including the message of the presentation).

Please make a reservation for the class after solidifying the idea of your presentation and making slides and manuscripts.

Please check HERE for more details.

Organizer: Toyo University Center for Global Education and Exchange (1st floor, Building 8, Hakusan Campus)
Supported by many organizations (details to be announced later)