Asia-Pacific Online Exchange Program (OEP) -UMAP-based SDGs Online Collaborative Learning

Toyo University will launch "Online Collaborative Education in Asia and the Pacific (SDGs Online Cross-Registration: Online Exchange Program (OEP )" in the fall semester of 2021.
Toyo University's OEP is an online interdisciplinary program that allows students to take classes at UMAP member universities for free while in their home countries. 

With no end in sight for the novel coronavirus, online learning programs are rapidly developing in many countries. Against this backdrop, this program was created to provide students with a first-hand experience of the world by participating in classes at UMAP member universities. The courses for the fall semester of 2021 are on SDGs and environmental issues, and the program does not require additional tuition. This semester, cross the border and experience world class collaborative education from your home!

Number of courses available to students at participating universities

Students can enroll in up to two courses from the course list provided by participating universities (you can pre-select up to four courses). Note that the capacity of each course may vary depending on the circumstances of the university where the course is held. Please refer to the list of OEP courses in FY 2021 for the number of exchange students for each course.

Country Name of Institution Name of Program
Malaysia Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia 1. Intercultural Communication
Indonesia Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember 1. Sustainable Manufacturing Course at ITS Surabaya
Australia Curtin University 1. Culture to Cultures
2. Communication, Culture & Indigenous Perspectives in Business
3. Communication, Business and Sustainable Development
4. Human Geography
5. Sociocultural Perspectives of Sustainability
6. Introduction to Global Business
University of Colima  1. Heat transfer 
Brunei Universiti Brunei Darussalam
1. Master of Public Health Lifelong Learning
Philippines De La Salle University 1. Chemical Engineering
2. General Education
Japan Shokei Gakuin University 1. Inclusive Society
Toyo University 1.Gloobal Careers
2. Introduction to Postmodern Thought
3. Introduction to Innovation Studies
4. Contemporary Global Issues and Japan/New Perspectives on Globalization
5. Participatory Development
6. Globalization and Culture/Immigration and Cross-cultural Issues
7. International Law
8. Fundamental Concepts of Peace Studies
9. World Cultural Heritage Area Promotion Theory
10. Cultural Studies
11. Environmental Communication/Social Responsibility
12. Advanced Theory of Tourism and Culture (only for graduate students)
13. Europe and Thoughts on the Travel (only for graduate students)
Niigata University 1. G-DORM Online Program 2021 (Spring)
2. Cross Cultural Learning B
Kansai University 1. Advanced Global Study
Shibaura Institute of Technology 1. Hydrology and Water Resources
China Sias University 1. Chinese Philosophy
2. Chinese Culture 
3. Chinese Tourism Geography

Application procedure

Application period: August 24 to September 10  Closed

Please note that the application period for each course may differ from the internal application period of the university to which the student belongs. All costs associated with the program, including application fees and tuition fees, will be waived in accordance with the current tuition waiver.

Link to the OEP application

Please download and fill out the application form from the link above and send it by e-mail.

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OEP Schedule

August 24 to September 10 - Student application period (Recruitment acceptance) 
September 10 to September 13 - Matching arrangement adjustment

September 13: Inform students and universities of the application results Follow the procedures of the university where the course is confirmed.

*The schedule after this depends on participating universities and courses.

(Second round) ------------------------ Student application period (Additional application) *

(2nd) ------------------------ Reception and assignment at each university *

(2nd) ---------------------- Notification of acceptance results (registration of completion) *


Course cancellation

As a general rule, students are not permitted to cancel or withdraw from a course for which they have been accepted. In the event of force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances, please notify the person in charge at the host university or institution and the OEP Secretariat at Toyo University through your home university or institution.


Post course report

The host university is required to report the completion status (including UCTS unit conversion) of the participating student to the OEP Secretariat after the end of the term. The host university will issue a certificate of achievement to ensure that participating students are able to apply for credit certification at their university. The UCTS standard is recommended for unit certification.

(Reference): UCTS: UMAP Credit Transfer Scheme (UCTS Guide)



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