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Business Japanese Training Program for International Students

Business Japanese Training Program for International Students

Program Features

This program is designed for international students who are interested in working in Japan. It aims to help the students understand and conduct logical and professional communication in Japanese, which will be useful not only in business settings but also in academic environments.

Eligible Students

(1) International undergraduate students in their 1st through 3rd years, master’s students in their 1st year, and Ph.D. students in their 1st and 2nd years.

(2) Exchange students with an advanced level of Japanese proficiency

Program Overview

STEP Time Contents
STEP 1 April-May A survey on prospective participation in the program / Program registration 
Interested students can register for the program. The registration procedure will be announced on the university website and by mail. 
STEP 2 June Applicants take "J-CAT", an online Japanese language proficiency test
"J-CAT" (Japanese Computerized Adaptive Test) is an online test that assesses the student’s Japanese abilities in four areas: listening, vocabulary, grammar and reading. All applicants MUST take the test (free of charge) to grasp their level of proficiency.
STEP 3 August Business Japanese Training Program (2-day intensive program during the summer break)
You will learn about logical and professional communication for business scenes. After learning basic Japanese business language, there is a workshop where students put into practice what they have learned. In addition, students take "JSST" (Japanese Standard Speaking Test) (Japanese business conversation test conducted over the telephone).

Past Programs

These past programs were conducted at the Global Career Education Center (GCC).