Shinji Fukukawa
Chancellor, Toyo University 
Incorporated Educational Institution

Message from the Chancellor

The Novel Coronavirus infectionCOVID-19is delivering an unprecedented serious threat to the world. Unfortunately, analysis of pathogens and the provision of a vaccine are expected for future investigations and studies. In Japan, the spread has been prevented through traditional methods of avoiding conditions such as close personal contacts and assembling that may contribute to the spread of the infection. Toyo University, with cooperation from faculty and students, has been working to maintain education standards, through switching to online lessons.

When this problem surfaced, I reminded of the concept of “Human Security,” proposed by the UNDP in 1994. Alongside political and economic security, this was a warning against the increasing danger to human living from such factors as poverty, infectious disease, health issues, environmental destruction, and natural disasters. In 2015, the UN adopted “Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs,” which I believe, developed the concept of “Human Security.”

In the international society, vigorous debates and research activities are developing around the cause of COVID-19, the routes of infection, improvement of testing methods, creation of a vaccine, and reform to treatment systems. We must find solutions as soon as possible through international cooperation in these medical challenges.

Countries troubled with the spread in the infections have had no choice but to, in the interim, implement actions such as banning movement, locking down cities and restricting interactions, as well as expanding online education and home working, in view of preventing infection. As a result, we find ourselves in a severe situation where economies have stagnated, and international trust has declined. In view of pushing forward the structural reform, the innovative manner to be called the “Digital New Deal” is urgently needed to rebuilt global politics and economic activity.

Aside from infectious disease, human being is facing many dangers such as natural disasters, global warming, and the worsening of living environments. Along with these human risks, the security risks in the international politics and the market risks in the economic activity are expanding. In view of securing comprehensive security covering these fields, we must restore the spirit of international cooperation among major countries.

I am confident that the philosophy to respect human value, the spirit of international cooperation and efforts to enhance human capabilities will play a vital role for promoting these initiatives. I strongly expect that Toyo University would contribute to the restoration of the mind of international cooperation and the challenging sprit for innovation, while respecting the teachings of our founder, Proffesor Enryo Inoue.

July 2020



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