Takashi Anzai
Chairman, Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution

Message from the Chairman

I am honored to have been elected to serve Toyo University as its Chairman. Being deeply aware of the weighty responsibility expected of the role in terms of supporting the young generation in building their future, I am determined to devote myself to the further development of the university.

Toyo University was established by Dr. Enryo Inoue in 1887, with the aim of developing, through the teaching of philosophy, outstanding individuals who could work for social reform. Over the past 130 years, it has grown into an academic institution that offers a range of humanities and science courses while building its unique tradition.

Looking back on my own past, I think that life is an ongoing series of episodes of learning and striving, and school education is the key to building the capacity required to lead such a challenging life. For this purpose, Toyo University is willing to help individual students actively enjoy learning and building up achievements— and to help them increase their confidence and pride in doing so—which will in turn propel the development of the university. I will work to support its development so that all involved, including students, alumni, the research and teaching faculty, and administrative personnel, will share a strong feeling of pride in this university.

Looking at the outside world, society is constantly undergoing political and economic change on a global scale, chiefly led by ever-advancing technological innovation, which is affecting the academic sector. To be able to continue to develop in this challenging environment, we will need to take appropriate action. To this end, vitally important is a solid, single-minded commitment to maintaining our basic beliefs. Those beliefs are about the importance of “ruminating on our ourselves,” which reflects the founder’s core philosophical spirit.

Toyo University has launched various plans under the Top Global University Project. Students, faculty and administrative personnel and directors will work together to promote this project, practicing the “think and act” and “act and think” approach.


December 2018




Joined the Bank of Japan


Executive Director, the Bank of Japan


President, The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Ltd.


Adviser, Ito-Yokado Co., Ltd.


President, IY Bank Co., Ltd.(currently Seven Bank, Ltd.)


Trustee, Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution


Chairman, Seven Bank, Ltd.


Senior Executive Adviser, Seven Bank, Ltd.


Chairman,Toyo University Incorporated Educational Institution