[Overseas Alumni Association] Toyo Universitys Alumni Association in Taiwan Holds a General Assembly

Toyo University's official alumni association in Taiwan has been established, with the first general assembly held in Taipei on Saturday, June 9.

Toyo University was selected by Japan’s Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as one of 37 public and private universities for the “Top Global University Program” in 2014. As the university is advancing to lead the globalization of Japanese universities, it promotes the establishment of official overseas alumni associations in various countries.

Thirty graduates, their families and friends, two Toyo University students who are in Taiwan as exchange students, and five university officials attended the alumni reunion held at Taipei Garden Hotel, with the reunion ending in great success. Some members could not attend due to work schedule conflicts, etc.; however, a total of 43 graduates registered for the university’s alumni association in Taiwan.
We were able to hold a successful reunion thanks to alumni association organizers, including the president and secretariat.

We would like to thank all the graduates who attended the reunion, and we look forward to new members joining the alumni association and attending the next reunion.

Secretariat for Toyo University Alumni Association in Taiwan
No.28, Qingcheng Street, Songshan District, Taipei 10547, Taiwan
Inside Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association
e-mail: chinhsiang-k1@tp.koryu.or.jp
Contact: Lin Chin-Hsiang, Secretariat


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