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Let’s Test Your Stress Level


New school year has begun and everybody is in transition. It is exciting for sure, but also a bit hard for any of us to get used to the new campus life. Besides, due to the preventive measures against Covid-19 pandemic, we need to get along with the irregular timetable consisting of both face-to-face and online classes. In such an unprecedented situation, finding a balance in our lives and managing our stress are becoming more and more challenging. Let’s check your stress level with a simple test.


Toyo University Student Counseling Office in Hakusan Campus will offer you the Self-Stress Assessment Checklist, which is a simplified measure comprising 15 quizzes to check your stress level.

It may not address all specific circumstances but should help you take another look at your daily life and find better ways to take care of yourself. Besides, we are providing here some tips for stress coping skills for your reference.

Why don’t you take a little time for yourself and try our Self-Stress Assessment Checklist?


Step 1. Work with “Self-Stress Assessment Checklist”.Click here

Step 2. “How to Cope with Stress”: Here are some tips for stress coping. Use this to help you out. Click here 

Step 3. You can have a brief session with a student counselor if you like. (About 15-30 minutes via Webex, appointment necessary)

Sorry, our counseling service is available only for students who are currently living in Japan due to client's safety reasons.



☆Available until the end of July 2021☆

      We hope this will help you out!



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