About Part-time Jobs

You can obtain part-time job information through  Toyo University Part-time Job Introduction Website-Aines. (https://www.aines.net/toyo/). Aines is accesible via PC/mobile phones.

[Things to keep in your mind when starting a part-time Job]

  • Placing priority on your studies and taking good care of your health.
  • Carefully check the working conditions.
  • Do not accept a job that is not appropriate for students.

Lots of information regarding part-time jobs is available in job magazines and free papers. These sources may, however, include jobs with unfair working conditions that could entail dangerous work, or conditions that are not suitable for students. You should be cautious when looking for part-time jobs to avoid any trouble.
Toyo University Part-time Job Introduction Website, Aines does not include such jobs. We strongly recommend you to access the Aines website.

How to Use Aines

When you first access the Aines website, you need to register your information (follow Steps 1 to 3). Once you are registered, you can start from Step 4.

  1. Access Toyo University Part-time Job Introduction Website (Aines)
  2. Click on the new registration and register your ID and email address given by the University (**********@toyo.jp). 
  3. Receive your ID and password. *These will be sent to your registered email address after a few minutes.
  4. Access the Toyo University Part-time Job Introduction Website (Aines).
  5. Log in using the ID and password you received in Step 3.
  6. Search jobs based on your preferences.
  7. Contact an employer of your choice.