Health Center(Itakura campus)

Health Center - Itakura campus

News from Itakura Health Center

 Periodical Medical Examination notice

Have you checked the results of this year's Periodical Medical Examination?
For those who were advised to "visit health center", please make sure to do so when you have time.

Health Guide

This guide contains beneficial information for all the students to have a healthier campus life. Please use it!

Health Guide 2020

Location of the Health Center

  • Health Center : 1st floor of Building No. 1 
  • AED: reception desk on the 1st floor of Building No.1 and the 1st floor of Circle Room Building


A map: Itakura campus  A doctor’s office  The 1st floor of 1 Building No..
A map: Itakura campus 

List of medical agencies around Itakura campus

Medical Agency Address and Telephone Departments Consulting Hours
Itakura internal medicine clinic 1-14-2, Asahino, Itakura-machi
Tel: 0276-70-4080
Internal medicine and pediatrics

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 15時30分-18時30分
Registration until 11時30分 and 18時00分
Closing: Thursday and Sunday afternoon, Wednesday and Public Holiday

Keiyu orthopedic hospital 1741, Hanetsukucho, Tatebayashi-shi
Tel: 0276-72-6000
Orthopedic surgery, surgical department, anesthesiology, rheumatology and rehabilitation

Monday-Friday 9時00分-12時30分, and 14時30分-17時30分
Saturday 9時00分-12時00分
Registration from 07時30分 and 13時30分
Closing: Saturday afternoon, Sunday and Public Holiday

Itakura otolaryngology clinic 4064-5, O-aza Ebise, Itakura-machi
Tel: 0276-80-4333
Otolaryngology, pediatrics

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday(only AM)
Closing: Saturday afternoon, Thursday, Sunday and Public Holiday

※ When seeing a doctor, please bring an insurance certificate with you.

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