Watch out for cults and antisocial groups

The University prohibits unauthorized recruitment and signature-collecting activities.

We have seen groups and individuals who pretend to represent the University’s clubs or pretend to be students to recruit students or collect signatures from them. These groups and individuals include many antisocial, dangerous activist groups which do not disclose their actual identities or activities, invite our students to sporting events or concerts on the pretext of making friends, and employ ingenious methods to control people’s minds.

In addition, collecting personal information under the guise of signature-collecting activities may be a way to invite you to a dangerous group as well as to provide your information to businesses employing illegal business practices.

Characteristics of recruitment/signature-collecting activities that do not disclose the actual name or activities of the group

  • Often approaching an individual when he/she is on his/her own
  • Attracting attention telling tempting stories
  • Asking for personal information such as a person’s name, address and phone number

If you feel suspicious or unsure, DO NOT give your signature or personal information on the spot!
SAY “NO!” to aggressive and persistent solicitation!
DO NOT divulge your personal information easily!

If you have been a target of or have witnessed suspicious solicitation/signature-collecting activities, please report the incident to the Student Affairs Section.
If you have any concerns, contact the Student Affairs Section.