Information on Housing

1. Information on Housing

Hakusan Campus, Akabanedai Campus and Asaka Campus

The National Students Information Center, Co. (Nasic) helps find housing for students of Hakusan campus, Akabanedai campus, and Asaka campus. The housing may require a security deposit and in some cases key-money (appreciation fee). For more information, please contact Nasic Ikekubukuro Office by phone or access their URL noted below, or come to the Student Affairs Office on the 1st floor of Building No. 6 (Hakusan Campus), or the Asaka Campus Office in the Research Management Building.

  National Students Information Center, Co. (Nasic)

Kawagoe Campus

Kawagoe Campus Office in Building No. 4 will help find housing for the students of Kawagoe Campus. From the end of February to the middle of March, housing information can be found on the bulletin board on the campus. For other times, please contact Mini- Mini Co., Johoku Kawagoe Branch noted below. They are at your service throughout the year. 

  Mini- Mini Co., Johoku Kawagoe branch

Itakura Campus

Several real estate agents are located near Itakura Campus. Please refer to the link below which introduces housings along the Tobu- Isezaki line, Tobu Nikko line and JR Utsunomiya line.

不動産会社ガイド  (Japanese only)

Unfortunately, Itakura Campus does not offer any housing information. Please contact an estate agent directly.


2. Toyo University Student Dormitory "Philosophia Nishidai"

Philosophia Nishidai is a fully furnished, single-room dormitory exclusively provided for Toyo students. Breakfast and dinner are available. For more information, please contact the Student Affairs Office of each campus, or the Kyoritsu Maintenance Student Dormitory Administrative Office noted below. Kyoritsu also can also introduce other dormitories nearby each campus.

  Kyoritsu Maintenance Student Dormitory Administrative Office


3. For International Students

3-1 To find housing

Global Trust Networks (GTN), a foreigner-oriented agent kindly helps international students find their housing. (Commission may occur.)

  Global Trust Networks (GTN)

HP are available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
If you start looking for housing, enter your preferences in the website “Best- Estate” (

3-2 To find a guarantor

In Japan, you may have a difficulty in finding a guarantor which is one of the requirements for a housing contract with the landlord. In addition the contract can be all in Japanese. The university would strongly recommend using an insurance company, or in some cases, enrolling in Comprehensive Renters’ Insurance shown below to help the stated difficulties.

 3-2-1 Insurance Company

  Global Trust Networks (GTN)
By using GTN, Toyo students and graduates are able to receive following services:

  • You can use GTN as your guarantor when making a housing contract.
  • Various discounts are specially offered to Toyo students.

First year: 30% to 100% of monthly rent. A 20% discount is provided to Toyo students, minimum amount 20,000 yen
Second year and onwards: 10,000 yen per year

Telephone assistance is available in multiple languages, such as English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.