Use of Social Media

Use of Social Media

What is social media?

Social media is an umbrella term used for various forms of electronic communications, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, through which individual users can have online communication for content sharing.

[Points to note before posting information]

  • When you post information via social media, you should be fully aware that the posted information could have a considerable impact on society. The messages should be courteous and sensible to avoid any misunderstanding among readers/viewers.
  • Once information is posted via social media, it cannot be completely deleted. You should keep this in mind.
  • You should post appropriate information, not dubious based on gossip or speculation and be responsible for the content and responding to it.

[Rules when posting information]

  • Do not post information that violates public order and morals.
  • Do not post information that infringes upon copyright or other rights.
  • Do not post information that encroaches on human rights and privacy.
  • Do not post information that slanders or defames a specific individual or group as well as posting discriminatory or indecent information.

Legal compliance

If you violate laws and/or regulations, you may be subject to a criminal penalty or a civil suit. You should observe not only national but also international laws and regulations.

Protection of privacy

As above, you should never invade anyone’s privacy. In addition, you should protect yourself as well. What measures should you take to protect your own privacy? You need to pay careful attention to the handling of your personal information, such as your phone number, email address, or photo posted, as you may be identified by them. In some cases, blog posts can lead to your identity being revealed.

Posting accurate information

Once information is posted online, it can never be completely deleted. Are you sure that nobody will be harmed by the information that you posted? You should consider if the information that you intend to post is accurate and appropriate and review it twice.

Awareness as a member of Toyo University

When you post information referring yourself as a student of Toyo University, your statements or behavior may be considered to represent all students of Toyo University. Please be sure to avoid posting inappropriate or dishonest information, even in a humorous way. You are required to realize the responsibility you have as a student of Toyo University.

To protect yourself

If by any chance you post defamatory or discriminatory remarks about others, or indecent expressions, this may cause serious problems that could interfere with your future job search activities or social life. As a consequence, you could cause serious difficulties for yourself. You are required to behave in a way that maintains social awareness.