Registration for Courses and Lectures

Registration Guidance and Consultation

Registration guidance will be offered during student orientation provided separately for each faculty and department, for which attendance is required. Every year, students who did not attend their student orientation are likely to make many mistakes on their course registration form. In filling out your registration form, note that all requirements are stated in your Academic Catalog, Course Registration Guide, etc. Please read them carefully so as not to make any mistakes. If you have questions about registration, please come to the office in charge of Education Affairs. However, as the office is especially busy helping many students at the beginning of the semester, please prepare your questions in advance before coming to the office. The office does not answer questions by phone or email.

The Academic Catalog will not be reissued. You will be handed an Academic Catalog when you enter and use it for four years, so please treat it with care.

Registration Process

You must register for courses that you wish to take for each semester (and for the academic year) by the deadline. Registration can be conducted via both on- and off-campus computers as long as they have Internet access. The course registration schedule and process are provided in the handouts already given to you. 1st year students should carefully read the handouts received when conducting the enrollment procedure. 2nd to 4th year students should carefully read the handouts received when conducting the promotion procedure.
 Do not under any circumstances register for courses via a smartphone or tablet computer.