Student ID Card

Your Student ID Card proves your identity as a student of the University. You should always carry it with you and present it when requested by University staff. Please make sure that you attach the sticker on your Student ID Card (which is valid for one year) with your year of study, current address and commuting route written on it. You will be provided with a new sticker every year when you carry out promotion procedures or renew your enrollment at the University. Your Student ID Card will be invalid if it does not have the sticker of the current year attached to it.

The University provides a Student ID Card to students who have completed the advancement/enrollment procedures at the University.
You need to present your Student ID Card when:

1) university staff requests you to do so
2) you take an examination (you must place it on your desk following the instructions of the examination supervisor)
3) you apply for various certificates and/or Student Discount for transportation
4) you purchase a commuter pass and/or tickets for transport with student discount, or you are using a transport system using student discount and are requested to present your Student ID Card by a transport official.

Your Student ID Card will be invalid if it does not have the University President’s seal, your photo, and a sticker on the back. You are not permitted to lend or assign your Student ID Card to others.

Without your Student ID Card, you will not be able to have any certificate issued, nor use the library, nor take an examination nor purchase a commuter pass. Please treat your Student ID Card with great care so that you will not lose, soil or damage it. If you need to get it reissued under extenuating circumstances, take the following procedures (A) or (B). Re-issuance of a Student ID Card  will take one week and require a 2,000 yen fee.
* We will not refund the fee even if you cancel your application for the re-issuance of a Student ID Card.

Personal Identification Number (PIN)

To prevent any wrongful use of a Student ID Card by a third party, a four-digit personal identification number (PIN) with which he/she carries out the admission procedures shall be registered for each student. You will need your PIN when having a certificate issued using a certificate-issuing machine. Write it down somewhere and make sure you memorize it.

(A) If you lost your Student ID Card

  1. Check if your Student ID Card has been delivered to the Student Affairs Section as lost property.
  2. Fill out the application form for the re-issuance of your Student ID Card using a certificate-issuing machine
  3. Receive a confirmation stamp on the re-issuance application form at the Student Affairs Office.
  4. Submit the re-issuance application form of  3. above to the Education Affairs Office of your Faculty.
  5. Receive your Student ID Card from the Education Affairs Office of your Faculty one week later.

(B) If you soiled or damaged your Student ID Card

Take your Student ID Card to the Education Affairs Office of your Faculty and carry out the procedures for its re-issuance.
* If you have soiled/damaged only the sticker on the back of your Student ID Card, contact the Student Affairs Office.