Greetings and the Objective of the Establishment

Toyo University "Hakusan Tetsuri Juku"
 -Town, People, and the University  Infinite Learning-

This Juku was established for Toyo University to become the basis of intellect in the Hakusan area, and to cooperate together with the university and local community, and as a part of contribution to the local society. In addition, by cooperating with Hakusan Community Promotion Gathering, it hopes to provide a space where working professionals, owners of business, shopkeepers, students and children can utilize for self-development. There, they can learn from each other, influence and improve each other's knowledge and virtue, promote the local community and expand the "communication circle".

Toyo University Haku-san philosophical principle cramming school  Kenji Seki.

Knowledge creation area

Basis of Intellect (Wisdom)

July 1, 2013
Toyo University Hakusan Tetsuri Juku
Headmaster Kenji Seki