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What is GCS?

The Kawagoe campus English learning support office was established in 2004, in order to provide students with a wide range of support such as supplementary lessons for English classes, counseling on study abroad programs, and English for employment. Global Communication Spaces (GCS) were established in January, 2016 to further develop the level of support. The "Study and Research Space", "International News Corner", "Meeting Space" and "Group Discussion Lounge" have been organized depending on students' needs. They also have special advisors available at all times, providing booths for individual learning and space for group discussions, various materials for English learning, information about English language programs and overseas internships, information regarding overseas program scholarships, and the opportunity for cultural exchange with overseas students. Global Communication Spaces share and advance a vision for the cultivation of global human resources. In addition, the "Study and Research Area" and "International News Area" were established at the campus library.
Location for GCS [PDFファイル/647KB]

Space A: 1st floor, Building No. 8 (consultation reception time: 9:00-18:00) 

The Study and Research Space - Knowledge is power
General reception (Space B/C/English learning support room) and individual consultation, studying abroad consultation, and study support using the internet for MOOCs and TED Talks


Space B: 2nd floor,Building No. 8

The Meeting Space- Accomplish your goals
The International News Corner- Eyes on the world
Tutoring, posters related to English-language newspaper articles and the world


Space C: 2nd floor,  Building No. 6

The Group Discussion Lounge- Let's talk it over
Discussion Club, speaking and presentation support


English learning support room: 5th floor, Building No.4

Supplementary lessons and guidance


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