Scientific Concepts in English

Class Introduction: Scientific Concepts in English

This class belongs to an educational foundation subject group, and it has been held along with "Japanese Culture and Thought" (Japanese Culture and Mindset starts in the fall semester of this fiscal year) since 2013. The primary objective is to cultivate abilities to be utilized in our globalized world. "Scientific Concepts in English" is taught by teachers of the Department of Biomedical Engineering. We hope you will understand and analyze material related to various scientific topics in English. We do not ask for a high level of English, as we believe that listening to lectures and summarizing their contents, and subsequently discussing and asking questions in English is a valuable experience in itself. After listening to different lecturers present their topics at various levels of English, you will become more confident in your own ability and thus utilize it more effectively. In addition, you can enjoy lectures you usually do not have the opportunity to attend in a relaxed environment. This is one of the most attractive features of the program. Classes are held during the 5th period on Tuesdays. We hope to meet many of you in class!