Graduate School Timetable of Classes AY2021

●How to read the timetable

・Semester: Spring Semester: April 7-August 5 ( intensive course period July 28 August 3)

 Fall semester: September 17 - January 31 (intensive course period = January 25 - January 31)
・Class hours period


 1st period  2nd period  3rd period 4th period   5th period 6th period   7th period

・Program: M = Master's Program, D = Doctoral Program

・Style of classes: For the details of the class styles (face-to-face, non-face-to-face, partially face-to-face),

 please follow the instructions of your instructors via ToyoNet-Ace etc.

* The room of class is currently being adjusted, so please check ToyoNet-G immediately before the class starts.


Graduate School of Letters

Course of International Culture and Communication Studies  (4/7)

Graduate School of Business Administration

Course of Business Administration and Marketing   (5/15)

Graduate School of Economics

Course of Public-Private Partnership (8/17)

Graduate School of Global and Regional Studies

Course of Global Innovation Studies   (7/30)

Course of Regional Development Studies (Students who enrolled in or after AY 2018) (7/30)

Graduate School of International Tourism Management

Course of International Tourism Management (Students who enrolled in or after AY 2018) (4/17)

Graduate School of Regional Development Studies

Course of Regional Development Studies (Students who enrolled in or before AY 2017) (4/7)



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