The Inoue Enryo Memorial Grant, TOYO University

The Inoue Enryo Memorial Grant, TOYO University

Established in honor of Toyo University founder Enryo Inoue, this grant program promotes the university’s academic objectives and encourages research activities based on the spirit of its foundation. It is offered in two categories: individual projects of high academic quality as well as outstanding quality that further the university’s unique characteristics, and the publication of research results as books. The grant amount per project is as follows:

Individual project: Up to 700,000 yen

Book publication: Up to 1,000,000 yen (less than half the publication expenses)

*For details on this research grant, please refer to the following:


*The application period is from the beginning of September to the beginning of October every year.

*Please make sure to check the latest application guide as the details on the grant and the application period are subject to change.