Course of Marketing

Course of Marketing

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Chair of the Course of Marketing

Naoki Nagashima

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Message from the Course Chair

Nurturing challengers with excellent marketing sense

In addition to the automobile and household appliance industries, Japan’s intellectual property has recently caught the attention of the world under the concepts of “omotenashi” culture and “Cool Japan.” Therefore, global firms now require students who study in the Course of Marketing, which was established under a team of spirited economists as an extension of Japan’s first-ever “marketing department.”

However, the United States was the birthplace of marketing research; we can understand the current widespread need for challengers having marketing sense (the source of marketing ideas) in Asia when we consider the reasons behind this. From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, the United States was suffering from overproduction. Of the various actions taken by the developing enterprises of the day, the most characteristically “American” was marketing, which included different content according to the aspects of trade, commerce, and distribution. The market problems experienced by the United States prompted practitioners and researchers with marketing sense to conduct studies, thus leading to the creation of new concepts and business practices. In 1915, A. W. Shaw published the classic book Some Problems in Market Distribution, which is packed with exactly the sort of wisdom that the whole of Asia currently needs. For example, Shaw writes, “Today the more progressive businessman is searching out the unconscious needs of the consumer, is producing the goods to gratify them, is bringing to the attention of the consumer the existence of such goods, and in response to an expressed demand, is transporting the goods to the consumer” (p. 46). Shaw also left the following message, which became famous as the basis for recommending brand strategies and national advertising: “Selling at the market plus is perhaps the most characteristic price policy of modern distribution. The exceptionally able distributors have in recent years, turned more and more to this policy (p. 57).

In our course, students learn about the kind of marketing that can facilitate the creation of a new era for Asia in this age of advanced information technology while reviewing the academic achievements of various theorists who identify the fundamental problems that need to be currently addressed throughout Asia. Our team of professors is looking forward to studying alongside challengers with outstanding marketing sense.

Overview of the Course

The environments in which businesses operate are changing significantly. First, the arrival of a depopulating society is imminent, and the need for marketing directed toward demand creation and market development is increasing. Second, the focus of the economy has shifted from the production of consumer goods to the service industry and corporate activities are becoming increasingly globalized. Therefore, further exploration of the “theory and practice” of service marketing and global marketing is required.

With an environment in which students can genuinely explore these themes, we hope to contribute to the revitalization of the Japanese economy by nurturing researchers with advanced skills and outstanding high-level professionals who can provide guidance in specialized fields.

  • Admission capacity: Master’s program – 10 students; Doctoral program – 3 students
  • Lecture times: Day/Evening (mainly day)
  • Campus: Hakusan
  • Entrance examination for international students: Master’s program and Doctoral program
  • Degree: Master’s program – Master of Marketing; Doctoral program – Doctor of  Marketing