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Course of Business Administration, Graduate School of Business Administration


Course of Business Administration


Acquire practical business administration that will become future intellectual property


Chair of the Course of Business Administration

Junichi Tomita

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(The content is written in Japanese only)

Message from the Course Chair

Aiming for the integration of the theory and practice of modern management in a global society

Business administration is an extremely practical science. However, as managers are required to reform and then reintegrate internal resources, systems, and culture towards changes in the external environment, in-depth theoretical research in both fields is essential to implement first-rate management. At Toyo University’s Graduate School of Business Administration, we are aiming for the regeneration and strengthening of Japan’s management. While setting the current state and improvement of the management of not only Japan but also the countries of Asia, including China and the ASEAN nations as a research task, we perform wide-ranging investigations and research. At the same, for graduate school lectures and research guidance, we pursue the integration of theory that utilizes the findings from this research with practice.


Also, lecturers of the Course of Business Administration are playing important roles in the academic and real business world through producing practical results and superior research findings in the application fields of not only fundamental business administration such as organizational theory, strategic theory, finance theory, personnel theory, but also, innovation theory, venture company theory, small-to-medium-sized company theory, public entity theory, NPO theory, and international management theory. Taking in the lecturers’ integration of practice and theory, students’ research activities also cover many fields, including the analysis of Japanese companies’ new growth strategies, the localization strategies of Japanese companies expanding into other parts of Asia, and the verification of Chinese and other ASEAN nations companies’ new growth strategies. Students are putting together doctoral and master’s thesis with notable research findings that make use of verification data and building of theoretical models across a wide range of topics.


At our graduate school, to expand this tradition, we are furthering global expansion centered on Asia, and while encouraging the enrollment of students with diverse backgrounds and a variety of research activities, we aim to regenerate and reinforce both Japan’s and other Asian nations’ management, aspiring for further advanced integration of practice and theory. To make this reality, participation by students with superior awareness of the issues and fresh ideas is required. We hope many top-caliber students enroll in our graduate school, and that they conduct research activities based on new ideas and perspectives.

Overview of the course

In the Master’s Program, our goal is to cultivate highly specialized researchers and professionals in the entire theory of business administration. In the Doctor's Program, we aim to develop people with high-level research ability, as well as an abundant creativity in management, marketing, accounting, finance, and related fields.

For both programs, you can include not only globalism and informatization but also other contemporary topics such as environmental problems and NPOs. Further, what makes this course is unique is that professors with a wide range of achievements teach practical business administration.

  • Admission quota: Master’s Program 10 people/Doctoral Program 5 people
  • Lecture time: day/evening (mostly daytime)
  • Campus: Hakusan
  • CreditMasters Program, Master’s Degree (Business Administration)/Doctoral Program Doctoral Degree (Business Administration)
  • International student admission: Allowed
  • Education and training grant system specified course: Master’s Program
  • Obtainable qualifications: High School Specialized Teacher’s Certificate (Commerce)

Admission applications were stopped from AY2019.
Due to the reorganization, it has become Course of Business Administration and Marketing.