Course of Business Administration


Course of Business Administration

Shaping the future of intellectual property by mastering real-life business administration




Chair of the Course of Business Administration


Jun Imaizumi


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Message from the Course Chair

Aiming to integrate the theory and practice of modern business administration in global society

Businesses administration is an extremely practical discipline. However, as excellent business administration practices depend on the reformation and reintegration of internal resources, organizations, and culture in response to changes in the external environment, in-depth theoretical research is essential in both fields. Toyo University’s Graduate School of Business Administration aims to regenerate and strengthen management functions in Japan, which has become an advanced nation, by conducting a wide range of studies on the current state and improvement of management functions not only in Japan but also in other Asian countries, including China and ASEAN countries. The courses and research guidance offered at the Graduate School simultaneously aim to integrate theory and practice based on these research achievements.

Moreover, the faculty members teaching in the Course of Business Administration play important roles in academia and business as a result of their outstanding achievements in research and practice in the basic business administration fields of organization theory, strategy theory, financial management theory, and human resources theory and in applied fields such as innovation theory, venture business theory, small- and medium-sized business theory, public corporation theory, non-profit organization theory, and international management theory. Based on the integration of theory and practice pursued by our faculty members, our graduate students engage in a diverse range of research activities. Adopting a wide range of themes, including the analysis of new development strategies pursued by Japanese businesses, localization strategies of Japanese firms expanding in Asia, and new development strategies of Chinese and ASEAN companies, students construct theoretical models and utilize verified data to generate outstanding research results, before compiling these in their Master’s or Doctoral theses.

To expand these traditions further, the Graduate School is developing its activities globally, primarily in Asia, and we aim to regenerate and strengthen the management functions in Japan and Asia and integrate theory and practice at a more advanced level while supporting the admission and diverse research activities of graduate students from various backgrounds. To integrate theory and practice at a more advanced level, it is necessary to enlist graduate students with excellent critical thinking skills and fresh ideas. We look forward to welcoming many outstanding students and supporting their research activities based on bold ideas and perspectives.

Overview of the Course

The Master’s course aims to nurture researchers and professionals with a high level of expertise in general theory of business administration. The Doctoral course aims to nurture individuals with outstanding creativity and advanced research abilities in the areas of administration, marketing, accounting, finance, and other related fields. In both courses, students can freely address contemporary issues, including globalization and the expansion of information technology, as well as issues related to NPOs and the environment, while receiving guidance on “living, breathing management” from professors with diverse backgrounds.

We invite you to use this excellent opportunity to improve your skills.

  • Admission capacity: Master’s program – 10 students; Doctoral program – 5 students
  • Lecture times: Day/Evening (mainly day)
  • Campus: Hakusan
  • Degree: Master’s program – Master of Business Administration; Doctoral program – Doctor of Business Administration
  • Entrance examination for international students: Yes
  • Training and Education Benefits System: Master’s program
  • Teacher’s license: Senior high (Commerce)