International Students : CHEN CHEN

Teaching "Business Administration" to Students at Japanese University



Born in Fuzhou-city, People's Republic of China

In 2008, after graduating from Renmin University of China, worked at Telecommunication company in China.

In 2010, visited Japan and in 2012, completed his Japanese language course at YIEA Tokyo Academy.

In 2015, he will be graduating from Master's program in Graduate School of Business Administration, Toyo University, majoring in Business Administration.
From April 2015, he will continue his study in the PhD program at Toyo University, majoring in Business Administration.   

Awarded the Japanese Government Scholarship for International Student in 2014.

Because Toyo University is selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 's "Top Global University Project" over next 10 years, this scholarship is open to graduate international students who are privately funded and studying at Toyo University.

Q. Please tell us about your home country.

My hometown, Fuzhou-city is the capital of Fujian province and very close to Okinawa.
Fuzhou-city has been trading with the Ryukyu Kingdom for a long time.

Since I actually came to Japan and looked back at my home country from overseas, I could acknowledge good and bad parts of China. 
For example, due to having individualism in China, the manners in towns are different from Japanese ones.
And also a variety of foods is available and you are able to enjoy them, coming from the largeness of the Chinese land, which is one of the good parts of China.  

Q. What prompted your decision to study in Japan?

I researched a lot of case examples of Japanese companies while I was studying business administration at university in my home country. 

For example, Japanese companies have a higher ability in business administration and a quality of service is better.

During these times, I became interested in Japanese culture and approches of Japanese companies.
My desire to Japan were gradually growing and I finally decided to study in Japan.

Q. Please describe your current research topics.

My research theme is "A research in relation to Japanese corporate business administration in different cultures in China - focused on different cultural communications -" and pursue my research.

In these days, many companies in the world have been globalized and various regions and countries use diverse business administration techniques and expand their management. Therefore the situations in which people coming from different cultural backgrounds such as different languages, values, customs, thoughts, and actions are working together, have been increasing. 

Furthermore, the corporate staff assinged abroad and managers have experienced different cultures in a different country, have been facing the problems which can not be solved by their own values or the way of thinking and have been failed a lot.

Based on these backgrounds, it has been recognized the need of different cultural research, not only for the business community, but also as a research area. 

In my thesis, I've picked up the case study of a Japanese software company in China and a Japanese major software company in Japan examined by the current situation of different cultural communications related deeply to the global management and enhancement method of different cultural communications in order to expand their business into the world.


Q. Why did you select Toyo University?

Professor Ryu who rearches in a specialized area of my research theme was there.

He answered my questions with a kind manner before entering a course as a pre-consultation and I actually could learn a lot through my Master and Doctoral researches.

When I couldn't even explain things in Japanese, Prof. Ryu supported me in Chinese, which is not often available in other universities.

My friends from Japanese language school also recommended Toyo University as a good university to me. Thus I targetted the Graduate School of Toyo University only, prepared for the entrance exam and passed it.

Once I've enrolled in the university, the facilities are actually very well equipped. 

There are lockers, PCs, printers and so on in the research room, and there are many books in the library.
The old books written in the Qing dynasty period which can not be found in the libraries in China were there in the library of Toyo University.  They are really useful when I write my thesis. 

Q. Please describe your weekly schedule.

Day Period  
Thursday 4th Special Lecture on Systems theory ・Research guidance (Prof. Ryu)
Thursday 6th Research guidance in Business Corporation (Prof. Kakizaki)

During my spare time, I write my thesis or spend time in the library of Toyo University. 

Q. What kinds of scholarships did you receive?

I was awarded as the Japanese Governement Scholarship Student in 2014, as Toyo University was selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 's "Top Global University Project" over next 10 years

I spent a lot of times working part-time, but my financial burden was reduced because I was selected for a Ministry of Education of Japan Scholarship Student.  I truly appreciate it from my heart.   

Q. How do you make ends meet?

Before I became a Ministry of Education of Japan Scholarship Student, I supported myself by part-time job and scholarship funds.
Now I hardly ever work part-time due to being selected as the Governement Scholarship Student.

Thanks to the scholarship, it made me afford reference books whichi are very expensive and necessary for my international business administration research.  It is also enable to commit myself more into the field work.

Q. What do you plan to do after you complete your degree? What is your dream in the future?

I would like to be a university professor and teach "business administration" at Japanese university.

Based on my hard experience when I first arrived in Japan, I would like to support international students who have difficult times using the use of Japanese language and would also like to advise Japanese students like Professor Ryu.

Q. What messages do you have for students who are aiming to study at Toyo University?

The things I've learnt at Graduate School of Toyo University are invaluable and there is a field where you can grow big in order to make your dream comes true.

I am hoping that as many international students as possible can make their dreams come true through learning at TOYO University.

I look forward to studying with you together.