Course of Business Administration and Marketing

Course of Business Administration and Marketing




Chair of the Course of Business Administration and Marketing

Junichi Tomita

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Message from the Course Chair

Amid the changing environment with global competition intensified and the digital economy spreading throughout the globe, any corporation today faces a broad range of issues to be tackled.  Well-recognized problems, including building and rebuilding corporate strategies, organizing structures and systems in line with the corporate mission, promoting innovation, attracting and retaining customers, continue to be critical in business.  At the same time, however, businesses cannot overlook newly developed problems, such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), Work-life-balance, diversity management, business ethics, etc.  As the problems become more complex and intertwined with one another, business managers today need to possess a broad view on business landscapes and well-rounded knowledge in management.

In response to this background, Graduate School of Business Administration of Toyo University are running Business Administration and Marketing Course, which we started in April 2019 by integrating the two programs: Business Administration Course and Marketing Course.  Our mission is to produce highly specialized professionals who can contribute to the society through business activities.

The faculty members of this course is qualified to pursue this mission. Professors specializing in business administration have made brilliant achievements in both theoretical and empirical works on corporate strategy, organizational behavior, human resource management, decision and behavioral science, and finance.  Further, they have deep experience in practical work in innovation management, overseas business, production management, management of small- and medium-sized companies including start-ups.  The faculty members who specialize in marketing are highly reputed in such areas as consumer behavior, distribution, direct marketing, global marketing, service marketing, brand building, fashion brand marketing, and so on.

With the help of research advisers of these two fields, graduate students will be able to equip themselves with theories and practical management abilities. Eventually, you will be able to complete your master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation based on your research projects.  Your experiences in this program will become a crucial resource as business person in the real business world or as academic researcher.  Finally, you can pursue your degree work in both languages of Japanese and English.  We sincerely encourage motivated applicants, including international students, to apply for our graduate program.


Overview of the Course

In the master’s program, your goal is to complete a master’s thesis that you need to defend in the oral examination.  During the process, you can take classes and seminars based on your research interests and needs.  This constitutes your coursework.  You also need to present your work in progress several times both in the class and in some official opportunities set by the faculty.

In the doctoral program, you will become a full-fledged academic researcher by completing your dissertation.  There are some milestones set by the faculty during the process.  To improve your research, you can take classes and seminars as coursework.  In addition, you are encouraged to present your work in academic conferences and publish in professional journals in the run-up to completing your dissertation.

Course of Business Administration and Marketing
Admission capacity: Master’s program – 22 students; Doctoral program – 4 students
Lecture times: Day/Evening (mainly day)
Campus: Hakusan
Degree: Master’s program – Master of Business Administration or Master of Marketing; Doctoral program – Doctor of Business Administration or Doctor of Marketing
Training and Education Benefits System: Master’s program