International Students : YOON CHANKI

Teaching at a University as a University Faculty Member 

写真:ユン チャンキ

YOON Chanki

Born in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

Graduated from Naganuma school, Tokyo Japanese Language School in 2010.

After graduating from the Master's program of Sociology in the Graduate School of Sociology at Toyo University in 2012,

currently studying at the PhD program of Sociology in the Graduate School of Sociology at Toyo University.

Received as a Japanese Governent Scholarship for International Student in 2014 as Toyo University is selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 's "Top Global University Project" over next 10 years. This scholarship is open to graduate international students who are privately funded and studying at Toyo University.)

Q. Please tell us about your home country.

Korea is a country whichi is geographically close to Japan and has a deep relationship with Japan in various aspects. 

It is located in between Japan and China and influenced by both countries and western cultures. 
However, they were blended into Korean traditional culture, and then formed current Korea.
For example, a typical Korean food 'kimuchi' is made by combining pickles which have been eaten in eastern Asia from old times and
hot chili came from Japan. I've also noticed that a lot of words used in my childfood were from Japan since I came to Japan.    

写真:ユン チャンキ

Q. What prompted your decision to study in Japan?

As Korea is the country which has a deep relationship with Japan, I have been familier with Japan since I was a child
and someday I wished to go there once.  I was surrounded by people who went and studied in Japan.
Because I had a lot of opportunities to listen to their experiences, I decided to go and study in Japan.

Q. Please describe your current research topics.

"Use of smartphones and their satisfactions―focused on ordinary and extraordinary days"
is my research theme and pursuing my reseach. 
Currently a lot of people use smartphones which are the media and I'm examining how to use them and
what kind of satisfactions the users get by approaching from a classical research method: 'usage and satisfaction theories'.

And a purpose of my research is to search a change of the media usage and its satisfaction,
depending on different situations, such as ordinary and extraordinary days.

The style of classes are having discussions with classmates after reading particular books, giving presentations based on materials
regarding your research, and giving presentations on the result of research and receiving opinions from your professors or senior and
junior fellows.

At master's level, I've worked very hard for building a foundation of my research by reading books on sociology and
old books regarding the media. Now I have deepened my research by reading materials close to my reseach areas.  

Q. Why did you select Toyo University?

Because Professor Nakamura, who conducts researches into 'cell phone communications' was there and that is also my research topic.
I was also interested in Enryo INOUE, the founder of TOYO University.
He defined Buddha, Confucius, Socrates and Kant as four saints and they are also called four big philosophers in Korea.


At first I was anxious about joining seminars and having lectures because I was an international student.
As teachers and senior students are all kind, frankly talk to me and advise me, I felt a warm atmosphere all around the graduate schools.  

My senior student introduced me to the current job, TA. Therefore it is very helpful to support myself.

Before entering the university, I wasn't used to Japanese textbooks. I often felt stress to read Japanese textbooks and it took me an enormous time to understand the meaning of them.
However, I read Japanese technical books and made my resume in Japanese in seminars. I also gave a presentation of it in Japanese.
By having a discussion with classmates based on my resume and repeating this action over and over, my understanding of the Japanese language has improved. I got technical knowledge and eventually got used to give presentations in Japanese in front of people.


A picture taken from Asakusa sightseeing

Q. Please describe your weekly schedule.

Day Period Summary
Mon Tue   TA at another university

3rd period

Reserch on Socio-informatics and Communication StudiesⅠ(Prof. Mikami)

Research Guidance for Master's thesis in Socio-informatics and Communication studies-Mass communication  (Prof. Mikami)

Sat 3rd period

Reserch on Socio-informatics and Communication StudiesⅢ(Prof. Nakamura)

Research Guidance for Master's thesis in Socio-informatics and Communication studies-Socio information (Prof. Nakamura)

I often spend my free time in the university library and writing theses.


Q. What kinds of scholarships did you receive?

I was awarded "Monbukagakusho Honors Scholarship for Privately Financed International Students" by JASSO and got
65,000 yen per month for a year.

In this year, because Toyo University was selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 's "Top Global University Project" over next 10 years, I received a Japanese Government Scholarship for International Student. 
Of course, I could receive a big financial support as well as I was proud of myself.
I am truly grateful for the university by giving me a chance of being the Government Scholarship for International Student
and for the Japanese government whose policy is targetting at international students.

Q. How do you make ends meet?

I have been supporting myself by help from my parents and having a part-time job.
There is a system of tuition reduction for privately-funded international students at Toyo University.
Therefore my tuition was reducted and it was very helpful for managing my money.

Because I received the Japanese Government Scholarship for International student, I could even more focused on my research.


Q. What do you plan to do after you complete your degree? What is your dream in the future?

My first goal is to work as a university teacher.

I would like to instruct students applying specialized knowledge that was acquired at this university
and continue my research as a researcher belonging to the university. 

Q. What messages do you have for students who are aiming to study at Toyo University?

When I looked back myself, I was lucky to study at Graduate School of Toyo University.
Through my experience at the graduate school, I've grown up more as a person as well as a researcher.

If you are thinking of enrolling in Toyo University, you can also grow up more by learning at Graduate School of Toyo University.