Faculty Members of the Course of International Tourism Studies , Graduate School of Regional Development Studies

Faculty Members of the Course of International Tourism Studies

*The content regarding faculty members is as of April 1st,2021 and is subject to changes.
*About research advisers

M...Master's program adviser
D...Doctoral program adviser
-...Lecture(Not in charge of research advising)

Name Position Research Guidance Research Field
Shoji Nomura   Prof.  -  Travel Retail Management, Aviation Marketing 
Yoshihiko Iijima Prof.


Retiring in the end of AY 2021

Hospitality Management
Fumio Kurosaki Prof. -
Kazuaki Sasaki Prof. M
Katsuhiko Shoji Prof. MD
Ayako Toko   Prof.  M  
Hideki Furuya
Tourist Behavior Science, Transportation and City Planning
Tsuyoshi Kurihara Assoc. Prof. - Tourism Destination Planning and Management
Koun Sugimoto  Assoc. Prof.   -  Tourism and Urban Geography,Tourism Dynamics,Destination Management,Regional Tourism Policy,Geographic Information System 
Jun-ichiro Tokue Assoc. Prof. M Hospitality Management
Poggendorf Lorenz Assoc. Prof.
Akira Chono Visiting Prof. - Tourism and Community Development
Masamichi Hori Visiting Prof. D Transportation Economics
Naohisa Wada Visiting Prof. MD Public Economics