Message from Dean of Regional Development Studies

A place for training high-level personnel who can contribute to an international society in the future.

Dean of Regional Development Studies

The Graduate School of Regional Development has two programs: the Regional Development Studies program and the International Tourism Studies program (the 1st term doctoral course and the 2nd term doctoral course). The Regional Development Studies program fosters personnel who will engage in an international corporation or in regional development, and The International Tourism Studies program fosters highly trained professionals who will work in the tourism industry to realize “a tourism nation”. The fields handled in both programs have an interdisciplinary nature and they also have an aspect of practical science where various teachers cover the wide-ranging areas of specialization. Additionally, the Graduate School has a research organization-“International Convivial Society Research Center”-that mainly consists of teachers from both programs and is operating all over the world focusing on the research theme - assisting developing countries with their spontaneous development. Students of the graduate school are conducting research in the field in foreign countries and making the research center the central part of their study. Students in the 2nd term doctoral course are taking part in a center service as RAs and accumulating research experience. Since one of the most important purposes of the graduate school is to provide recurrent education for members of society, both programs accept adult students on weekday nights and Saturdays so as to meet the varying needs of students. The Regional Development Studies program has a course where lectures and research guidance are given only in English so that students from foreign countries can learn, and students with limited Japanese knowledge have acquired credits there. This course also serves as “a domestic destination to study abroad” for Japanese students aiming to work actively overseas and is realizing the internationalization that the university is pursuing in its 125th anniversary project. The world’s leading graduate school’s International Tourism Studies program has a 2nd term doctoral course, where highly trained professional researchers in the fields of tourism education and tourism study in Japan and Asian areas along with academic businessmen working in the forefront of tourism industry are fostered. Also, in the 2013 academic year, the Graduate School of Regional Development is going to be moved from the Hakusan Second Campus in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, where it is currently located, to the Hakusan Campus where the university administrative building is presently located. It is expected that meaningful research education will be provided in a new environment.