The Program Completed in English

The Program Completed in English

Course of Life Sciences in Graduate School of Life Sciences has a program that can be completed in English.

■ Conditions for taking the program completed in English

  • Completion of more than 30credits within two year.
  • Mandatory attendance to Special Lectures conducted by your academic supervisor every semester.
  • All the Special Lectures are conducted in English through the program.
  • The credit for a class is granted only once for your first completion.

■ Important reminders when you take the program completed in English

  • You can finish the master course with English classes only.
    Note: It is not enough in one year to finish the credits needed for master degree. English classes are offered throughout two years. In the first year you can take the half classes which are necessary, then in the second year the latter half classes. All of the English classes are available at least once during the four semesters (1st Year Spring and Autumn, and 2nd Year Spring and Autumn).
  • Also you can get all the academic guidance needed in English: discussion with the supervisor, research presentation planned twice in each semester, and you can write your master thesis in English.