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Mini Mini Johoku Kawagoe

Run consulting sessions for showcasing apartments from late February to early March (excluding weekends and holidays). There are notice boards within the campus with information regarding available housing. Outside of the above stated period, Mini Mini Johoku Kawagoe is an agency open all year long.


Mini Mini Johoku Kawagoe

Comprehensive Coverage for International Student Housing

Comprehensive coverage for international student housing consists of overseas travel insurance and guarantor's compensation fund. This system is in place in the case of an accident where compensation is made and to cause less trouble for a housing guarantor.
International students that enroll into this compensation plan may have the university become a joint guarantor within the scope of compensation.

If there are 31 days or less until graduation, a student cannot enroll into this plan. Compensation (joint guarantee) terminates when the "College (Pre-college) Student" status of residence ends or when a student in not enrolled in the university due to graduation or withdrawal.

Type Eligible Parties Compensation Details Compensation Period
1 Year
Remaining period of stay is "6 months" or "1 year"
2 Year
Remaining period of stay is "2 years"
Overseas Travel Insurance International Student (Status of residence is "College
(Pre-college) Student")
Liability Insurance for Foreign Students Insurance in the case the International Student is legally liable for damages caused by an accident in everyday life during the insured period 50 million
yen limit
50 million yen limit
Insurance for a Physical Impediment Resulting from Injury
Insurance in the case the International Student is injured during the insured period and develops a physical disability within 180 of a fortuitous accident.
2.4 million
yen limit
2.4 million yen limit
Guarantor Compensation Fund Guarantor (The following organizations and persons as joint guarantors when the International Student enters a rental agreement to live in private housing)
  • University, teaching staff, International Students Center Director, International Students department head
  • Local international exchange association/ center etc.
Guarantor's Legal Liability
Compensation fund in the case the joint guarantor must cover costs of delayed rent to the landlord or for repairs to restore rental housing to its original state
0.3 million
yen limit
0.3 million yen limit
Insurance Premiums 4,000 yen 8,000 yen

<Flow of Procedures>

(1) Real estate agent tentatively reserves housing

The real estate agent looks for desired housing
It is normally necessary to have a guarantor and to enroll into insurance when entering contracts.

(2) Consult with the university's Student Life Office

Inquire about the "Comprehensive Coverage for International Student Housing".

(3) Confirm important points of (2) with the landlord

Confirm the important points of (2) you heard about with the real estate agent and landlord.
※The university will not serve as a joint guarantor if an understanding is not reached.

(4) Follow procedures at the univ ersity Student Life Office

The university brings a lease contract with me and carry "payment vote" after confirmation by contents.

(5) Pay insurance premiums

Transfer money of burden to premiums in a financial institution.

(6) Submit a transfer of payment invoice and receipt

Submit a "Transfer of payment invoice and receipt" to the Student Life Office.

(7) Pick up proof of enrollment

A "Proof of comprehensive coverage for international student housing" will be issued, so pick it up at the Student Life Office.

(8) Fill out the rental agreement

The university will sign and seal the "rental agreement" as a guarantor.

(9) Enter the rental agreement with the real estate agency

Present the proof of enrollment in (7) to the real estate agent to confirm the "Comprehensive coverage for international student housing".

(10) Submit a copy of the rental agreement

Be sure to submit a "Rental agreement copy" to the Student Life Office.

(11) Enter housing

After moving in, if there is an accident, break of contract, change of residence or guarantor, promptly contact the Student Life Office at your campus.