Toyo University Private Insurance

All undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled into Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research. You are entitled to file an insurance claim for any damages incurred in the following situations (within 30 days of the accident). A representative may file the claim in place of the student Insurance for days of treatment will be covered regardless of any other insurance the student is enrolled into.

Scope of activities covered by insurance

Scope of activities covered Activities
1 During regular curricular activities During classes, research activities, etc.
2 During university events Entrance ceremony, graduation ceremony, sports festivals, campus festivals, etc.
3 During extracurricular activities Cultural or athletic activities in accordance with the university rules and regulations and supervised by a student group approved by the university.
4 When on school premises When on school premises for reasons other than 1 and 2
※However, this excludes accommodations used for everyday life
5 During the commute toschool While in transit between residence and university facilities by reasonable route and method for the participation of 1-3
※Routes between the place of part-time work to university facilities and residence shall not be covered.

Activities not covered by insurance

Activities held in times and locations prohibited by the university and prohibited conduct, dangerous sports (mountain-climbing etc), bad faith, diseases, wars, earthquakes, radiation accidents, symptoms from a pre-existing condition (disk hernia etc.), repeat injuries (habitual dislocation), whiplash or other objective symptoms, unlicensed or drunk driving, etc.

2.Toyo University International Student Compensation Plan

This insurance compensates the cost of family coming to Japan in the case the international student is ill or was in an accident.

  1. International students in Japan enrolled at Toyo University
    (regardless of government or privately paid, and periods of absence from school)
  2. International student registration procedures are done within the university designated period
  3. Enrolled in health insurance (such as national health insurance)
  • Disability Insurance (Max 330,000 yen)
  • Rescue Expense Insurance (4,000,000 yen)
Premium Free (Insurance premiums borne by the university)
Effective While enrolled (Does not cover periods of absence from school)

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