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Course of International Culture and Communication Studies

Course of International Culture and Communication Studies

Chair of the Course of International Culture and Communication Studies

Michiko Asahina

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Message from the Course Chair

In today’s increasingly diversified and multipolar world, cross-cultural communication skills that help you connect with people from different cultural backgrounds and build mutual understanding with them are essential. To develop these skills, also known as intercultural competence, learners must not only acquire advanced language skills but also cultivate a deep understanding of the culture and history of various regions, broaden their perspective to grasp the bigger picture, and acquire the flexibility of mind needed to adapt to different cultures and understand others.
Focused on imparting knowledge and deepening expertise on language and culture, this course aims to nurture future professionals with genuine international competence who can thrive in a variety of occupations or in the field of specialized education or research related to the understanding of international cultures.
Developing expertise and understanding of other cultures takes
effort and patience. By taking on this challenge with intention, however, you will progressively gain a new perspective on the world and be able to carve out your own career path for a future in cultural communication.

Overview of the Course

The course curriculum consists of the following.

Master’s Program (Master’s level)

The courses in the Master’s Program (Master’s level) can be broadly grouped into two fields: language communication and international cultures. In the language communication field, which focuses on English language education, students through various courses will think about language-based communication from multiple perspectives, drawing comparisons between Japan and the United States; German, French and Japanese language education; and translation and interpretation studies. In the international cultures field, students will deepen their expertise on the cultures of various regions, including English-speaking countries, German-speaking countries, French-speaking countries and Japan, or on various cultures around the world through scientific thought, mass communication/literary studies and other courses.
While taking courses in the two fields in a balanced manner according to their needs, students will pursue their own research theme and develop their research capabilities though supervised research to prepare themselves for writing a master’s thesis.

Doctoral Program (Doctoral level)

In the Doctoral Program, students will acquire knowledge and research methods essential for advanced professional education, with the aim of writing a doctoral dissertation while taking courses related to their field, such as Specialized Research on Language Communication and Specialized Research on International Cultures, under the instruction of lecturers.

Course of International Culture and Communication Studies
Admission capacity: Master’s program – 10 students; Doctoral program – 3 students
Lecture times: Day
Campus: Hakusan
Degree: Master’s program – Master of Arts; Doctoral program – Ph.D. in International Culture and Communication Studies
Teacher’s license: Senior high (English); Junior high (English)