Course of English Language and Literature

Course of EnglishLanguage and Literature

Discovering the true pleasure of researching Anglo-American literature and the English language in a wide-open environment



Chair of the Course of English Language and Literature

Masatoshi Ishiwada

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Message from the Course Chair

Studying English seriously and learning about people through words

With its roots in the traditional discipline of English literature, the Course of English Language and Literature has a long history. At the postgraduate level, the course is divided into three fields: British literature, American literature, and the English language. However, the common tool of “English” is essential in whichever field students choose to specialize in, and all students must have advanced English language ability. Through the course, students refine and develop their English ability by carefully, thoroughly, and deeply reading texts. They then build on these linguistic foundations as they devote themselves to studying their chosen fields. The three fields do not stand separated from one another; rather, they are organically interrelated. Knowledge of the English language is extremely helpful for understanding and appreciating English literature, whether British or American. Furthermore, to understand the English language, you need to be able to read and interpret British and American literature. This course provides thorough guidance to individual students. In addition to the usual seminars and lectures, which are conducted in small groups, students receive research guidance from their supervisors. We provide research guidance individually, in a kind, careful, and thorough manner. Students taking the course can ask questions, discuss topics, and explore problems until they are completely satisfied.

The course is a part of the English Literature Program Council (hereafter “the Council”), which comprises 12 graduate schools, including 11 universities in Tokyo (Aoyama Gakuin University, Sophia University, University of the Sacred Heart, Tsuda College, Tokyo Woman’s Christian University, Toyo University, Japan Women’s University, Hosei University, Meiji University, Meiji Gakuin University, and Rikkyo University) and Tohoku Gakuin University in Sendai. Students can attend lectures at these graduate schools and earn up to 10 credits toward their degree at Toyo University Graduate School. Moreover, in previous years, the Council has been conducting a research workshop in November in which several students from each graduate school present their work. This gives students a great opportunity to “cross swords” with students from other graduate schools in a spirit of friendly rivalry as they advance their research project. At the workshops, students can also receive useful comments on their research presentations from professors working at other universities. This thus provides a valuable opportunity for students to receive advice from a perspective that is different from that of their usual research supervisor, and it can help students improve the quality of their research and consolidate their work in the thesis. It would be a pity to miss such an opportunity!

To teachers currently in service

It is possible to acquire a Teacher’s License for English by completing the Master’s course. If you are currently working as an English teacher or more than three years have passed since you graduated from university, you can join the course by taking the “entrance examination for working adults.” Moreover, classes are held both during the day and in the evening, enabling students to attend classes on the way home from work. In addition, in 2016, we introduced the “task-oriented research thesis” option. Using this option, students can complete the Master’s course by producing research results that contribute to practical improvements in the field of education rather than writing a highly academic “Master’s thesis.”

Our doors are open to anyone who is sufficiently enthusiastic about English.

Overview of the Course

The course offers a genuine learning environment for both new graduates and working adults with a continuous interest in and passion for Anglo-American literature and the English language.

Literature research is an immensely deep discipline that has been universally practiced throughout the ages, and completing an undergraduate program in this discipline is just the beginning: only by studying at the graduate school level can you discover its true significance and pleasure.

As the course forms a part of the English Literature Program Council, which comprises 12 graduate schools, including major universities in Tokyo, students can attend classes at other graduate schools and use libraries at member universities.

  • Admission capacity: Master’s program – 5 students; Doctoral program – 3 students
  • Lecture times: Day/Evening (primarily day)
  • Campus: Hakusan
  • Degree: Master’s program – Master of Arts; Doctoral program – Ph.D. in English Literature
  • Teacher’s license: Senior high (English); Junior high (English)