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Course of English Communication

Course of English Communication

Take a multifaceted approach to exploring your interest in English

Chair of the Course of English Communication

Miyuki Takenoya

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(The content is written in Japanese only.)

Message from the Course Chair

In the Course of English Communication, we bring together instructors from various fields of expertise with English as their research subject to fully support your exploration into your interest and curiosity in English. They include specialists in the form and history of English, specialists who analyze the characteristics of English while comparing it with Japanese, specialists who study the social and cultural aspects of English, specialists who study the communicative functions of English, specialists in English literature, and specialists in English children’s literature. The instructor who suits your research theme will lead your small group lessons and provide you with research guidance.

If you have an interest in English grammar and form, you can take lessons in “English writing analysis.” Or, if you are interested in the meaning and context of the language, try the lessons in “English pragmatics.” And if you want to learn about the communicative functions and social contexts of English, take lessons in “”Text theories.” You are sure to experience the extremely profound world of English research.


Overview of the Course

In the Course of English Communication, students can learn from the two approaches of linguistic aspects and sociocultural aspects of English. Currently, attention is being focused on the English language with its unshakeable position as a common language understood globally, and the related cultures. You will learn to further increase your command of English; to study English and the related cultures in a multifaceted manner, exploring diverse specialized fields; and to pursue and present the results of independent research themes with your own interests as the focus.

Among people who complete this course are those who continue English research while teaching English at university and high school, as well as those who chose to use their abilities with various languages to further their corporate careers. We aim to train highly skilled professionals with a curriculum that is complete with day and night courses to accommodate working students.


  • Admission capacity: Master’s program – 10 students; Doctoral program – 5 students
  • Lecture times: Day/Evening (mainly day)
  • Campus: Hakusan
  • Degree: Master’s program – Master of  Arts; Doctoral program – Ph.D. in English Communication
  • Teacher’s license: Senior high (English); Junior high (English)

*Admission applications stopped from AY2019.
*Currently, it has become an "International Cultural Communication Major" due to the reorganization.