Course of Private Law

Course of Private Law


Mastering a wealth of legal knowledge for an increasingly complex society




Chair of the Course of Private Law

Eri Osaka


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Message from the Course Chair

Improving your ability to tackle practical challenges

This course has trained successions of researchers and advanced professionals with high-level expertise and academic research capabilities, and we are proud of our reputation for high quality research and education.

Learning occurs in small group seminars led by a team of professors from a diverse range of research backgrounds, and in addition to specialized knowledge, students can acquire communication skills for solving specific problems while cooperating with others through discussions and debates with faculty members and other students. Moreover, we actively welcome international students; therefore, students can also expect to develop their ability to address problems from a global perspective.

Moreover, research guidance on each student’s individual theme is provided by supervisors and sub-supervisors who support students with thesis writing. We also offer an Academic Writing class in which detailed instruction on writing the thesis is provided.

Through these classroom environments, we cultivate legal minds to address the real-world challenges of modern society in keeping with the educational philosophy of Toyo University: “The basis of all learning lies in philosophy.” We simultaneously seek to nurture outstanding individuals with specialized knowledge, including judicial scriveners, court officials, general civil servants, and corporate legal staff.

Overview of the Course

Learning mainly occurs through seminars at which students bring their own ideas and challenge one another in group discussions. The purpose is not only to develop students’ ability to search through materials and gather information but also to the improve skills required for presenting research and expressing oneself. We also provide detailed guidance in academic writing. Moreover, our door is wide open to international students from Asia.

Today, as our laws are becoming increasingly elaborate, there is a great need for individuals with advanced professional knowledge of domestic and international private law who can examine and solve social issues from broad perspectives. This course provides an organized system of instruction that contributes to the cultivation of such individuals.

  • Admission capacity: Master’s program – 10 students; Doctoral program – 5 students
  • Lecture time: Day/Evening 
  • Campus: Hakusan
  • Degree: Master’s program – Master of Laws; Doctoral program – Doctor of Laws
  • Entrance examination for international students: Master’s program
  • Training and Education Benefits System: Master’s program
  • Teacher’s license: Senior high (Civics); Junior high (Social Studies)

The Judicial Scrivener Development Course and the Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Course

 In 2016, the Course of Private Law at the Graduate School of Law established the Judicial Scrivener Development Course and the Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Course for training legal professionals with advanced specialized knowledge. We provide a model study plan that enables students to conduct research linked to their future careers.

Judicial scriveners are legal professionals who assist clients in commercial and real estate registration and deposition procedures or conduct administrative procedures for court affairs and adult guardianship. Social insurance and labor consultants respond to business demands, applying an extensive knowledge of laws and ordinances related to social insurance and labor to provide appropriate guidance regarding personnel management and other labor and social insurance issues.

In today’s society, new challenges continue to emerge, including the issue of managing the assets of people with dementia—a rapidly expanding group— and issues faced by the working poor. These legal professionals play a key role in overcoming such problems; however, to succeed in this role, knowledge of passing examinations alone is insufficient and a wide range of knowledge is required.

The Judicial Scrivener Development Course and the Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Course at Toyo University Graduate School of Law aim to foster broad-ranging knowledge and deep understanding through classes that focus on the qualifying examinations for these professions and the skills that students will require when working in the field. Moreover, we have introduced classes taught by certified judicial scriveners and social insurance and labor consultants in which we provide guidance that is closely linked to practice. Balancing both of the above, we aim to nurture individuals who are capable of working as legal specialists and who have legal expertise that is applicable to the real world.

 Recommended study plan for the Judicial Scrivener Development Course

 (1) Seminar on Civil Law I (includes the Real Property Registration Act)

 (2) Seminar on Civil Law Iv (includes the Adult Guardianship Act)

 (3) Seminar on Civil Law Ii (includes the Commercial Registration Act)

 (4) Seminar on Civil Procedure Law Ii

 (5) Administrative Scrivener Practice (taught by a certified judicial scrivener)

 Recommenced study plan for the Social Insurance Labor Consultant Development Course

 (1) Seminar on Labor Law

 (2) Seminar on Social Security Law

 (3) Social Law Practice (taught by certified social insurance and labor consultant)