Appeal of Graduate school that graduates and current students talk about(Ms. Quiaoit Marjorie Bravo)

Course of International Tourism Management, Current Student, Ms. Quiaoit Marjorie Bravo

I decided to proceed to graduate school so I can deepen my understanding of the tourism industry and broaden my knowledge in tourism planning and management.

Q. Why did you decide to study at graduate school? What was the sequence of events that lead to this decision?

I decided to proceed to graduate school so I can deepen my understanding of the tourism industry and broaden my knowledge in tourism planning and management. After working in the Philippine government sector for four years, I got interested in how the government of other countries handle tourism. Also, I honestly just missed learning. I missed sitting in class, reading case studies, listening to experts’ insights and learning from their experience.


Q. Why did you choose Toyo University Graduate School?

The primary factor that made me want to study in Toyo University is its English Course Curriculum for the Tourism Graduate School. I think it is a really generous opportunity for international students such as myself to be able to conduct our graduate school research in English. Although it would be an interesting challenge to do my research in Japanese, I trust that I would be able to learn more and produce a finer study with a language I am more familiar with, which is English.


Q. Has there been anything you have noticed or realized studying at graduate school?

I realized that graduate school is very much different from undergraduate studies. It could also be the difference in the educational system between the Philippines and Japan but when I started attending graduate school, I didn’t have as much classes as I was expecting and the workload in each class is not as heavy as I used to have during college. According to one of my professors, it was so we could focus more on our research and other duties (such as jobs). And I think that is very generous and considerate.


Q. What is the appeal of graduate school?

I think it is the fact that I am surrounded by people from different countries and background. We attend the same class but we have different points of view on the topics being discussed so we get to learn not just from the professor but from one another as well.


Q. What has been difficult during your time as a graduate student?

For me, the thesis update presentations we have to do twice per semester are the most nerve-wracking. I always get anxious if my research is progressing enough and pressured as to what I have to present. But fortunately, my adviser is very patient with me and is always available to meet with me whenever I have questions.


Q. What is the research topic of your thesis or content of your classes?

My research is focused on the accessibility of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the primary gateway into the Philippines, and the mode choice of locals when going to NAIA. To supplement my study, I took transportation-related classes such as Transport Management and Tourism Development. I also took classes which are personally interesting for me such as Sustainable Tourism and Revenue Management.


Q. What is your vision for the future? What is your ideal future self? Is there a specific path you would like to follow?

As of the moment, I am purely focusing on finishing my research and obtaining my Master’s Degree. Afterwards, I wish to be able to work at an organization where I can use the knowledge I got from this institution to further improve the quality of tourism in the Philippines.


Q.What is your schedule for a typical day or week currently?


Attend class


Part-time job


Attend class


Part-time job


Attend class


Research / school work


Rest / Leisure


Q. Please freely write any messages you have for those who want to research international tourism studies.

Tourism is a very complex and interesting industry. This is something that I realized while studying at the Graduate School of International Tourism Management. The graduate school curriculum has a vast offering of tourism classes that are not offered in the undergraduate level. The professors are also all experts in their chosen field and are very knowledgeable and passionate about their lectures, which makes the classes even more interesting. They are very approachable and supportive in class and in your research. If you are really interested in having a career in tourism, I believe the course offerings in the Graduate School of International Tourism Management would be a good choice.



After I got my Bachelor’s Degree on Tourism from the University of the Philippines, I started working for the Philippine Department of Tourism (PDOT) where I was in-charge of promoting the Philippines to the Turkish and Israeli markets. I first came to Japan for a one-year exchange student program in Nagasaki University during my undergrad years and since then, I’ve been visiting Japan at least once a year.


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