International Students : SANTIWONGKAN PATTAMON

Getting a Job at Japanese Company in Bangkok



Born in Bangkok, Kingdom of Thailand

In 2012, after graduating from Chulalongkorn University, majoring in Social Anthropology, came to Japan and admitted in Japanese language school.

In 2013, enrolled in the Master's program in Graduate School of Regional Development Studies at Toyo University, majoring in Resional Development Studies.

In March 2015, graduated from the Master's program, and she is planning to get a job when she returns to her home country.

Q. Please tell us about your home country.

I lived with my family in Bangkok.

My family supports me anything about education.
I graduated from Chulalongkorn University, majoring in Social Anthropology in Thailand.
I was very active and playing sports when I was in the 1st year of university and made a lot of friends.
Going and studying in Japan has been in my mind for a long time since I was a high school student.


Q. What prompted your decision to study in Japan?

A trigger to go and study in Japan was to start studying the Japanese language as an elective subject of the 2nd language when I was a high school student.

Since then, I have wanted to improve my Japanese language better, so I visited and studied in Japan for 3 weeks during the summer holiday.
I became more interested in Japan and fond of Japanese people and society because they are decent and organized.
After graduating from the university, my desire to study in Japan became stronger.

Q. Please describe your current research topics.

The theme of my thesis is "Conciousness and acceptance research against gender identity disorder in Japanese society - based on a comparison with Thai society -".

In these days, "gender identity disorder" is generally recognized and its existence in the society, but in this society, I pursue my research into how it is perceived and accepted.  
To answer this question, I thought it was important to analyze the environment in which they live.
The purpose of this research is to find out how a lack of understanding of "people with gender identity disorder influences on "lives of people with gender identity disorder", and then I wrote my master's thesis. 

There is a class regarding various social issues at Graduate School of Regional Development Studies.
There is also a class related to 'gender'. In this class, it is not only for male female gender discriminational issues, but also for LGBT(Lesbian、Gay、Bisexual、Trans)issues. I could ask my professor for advice on these issues and got a variety of useful information for my research. 


A snapshot from the local inspection of a slum area in Thailand


At a celemony of Toyo University Alumni Association Student Research Fund 
(With Kitawaki Vice President)


At a Slum Community in Thailand

Q. Why did you select Toyo University?

I prepared for my extended study at graduate schools in Japan when I studied at Japanese language school.
After I studied the Japanese language for a year, I thought I wanted to conduct my research, and then investigated literatures and was looking for a graduate school where I would be able to pursue my desired research.

A professor from Chulalongkorn University which I graduated from, just introduced to me Prof. Kazuo Takahashi of TOYO University, affiliated school of Chulalongkorn University. 

I was convinced that I could deepen my research. 

Q. Please describe your weekly schedule.

1st Year 
Time Summary
Morning Preparation of classes in a research room
Afternoon Classes(Obtained all the necessary units to complete my course in the 1st year)
Evening Self-study, Creating my resume
2nd Year
Time Summary
13:00~20:00 Writing my master's thesis in a research room 

Q. What kinds of scholarships did you receive?

In my case, I was awarded as the Japanese Government Scholarship for International Student from October 2014 to March 2015.

Because Toyo University is selected for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 's "Top Global University Project" over next 10 years, this scholarship is open to graduate international students who are privately funded and studying at Toyo University.

My life in Japan has become easier by receiving the scholarship. I could spend the most of my time in studying and researching and I could even more focused on doing them.  

Q. How do you make ends meet?

I could manage it by the scholarship funds and money transfered by my parents.

Q. What do you plan to do after you complete your degree?What is your dream in the future?

After the graduation, I will go back to Thailand and want to get a job related to JICA or working for a Japanese company in Thailand.

Q. What messages do you have for students who are aiming to study at Toyo University?

At Graduate School of Regional Development Studies, there are 2 presentation sessions in each term, 8 presentation sessions in total for 2 years.  


Each presentation session is to report my research progress. As for this preparation, I created a presentation script and power point materials and practiced to prepare for each presentation after a consultation with my supervisor and vice-supervisor.
Because of these preparations, I could deepen my research knowledge from the 1st year.
And I can study a lot outside of my expertise.
For example, it is not easy for me to give a presentation using technical terms in Japanese in front of many people. In order to make good presentations, I had to put all my efforts into all the presentation sessions. I think my presentation skills have been improved by the preparations, practice, and questions and answers. 

A master's thesis can be prepared by making presentation scripts every time and presenting it many times. If you prepare bit by bit through 2 years, the thesis is not so scarier than you imagine.

The professors of Toyo university are very kind and easy to ask about anything so that you can receive good advice, prior to an entrance exam by contacting them if you have a course in which you are willing to research. They will also tell you a book list to read so that you can prepare for the entrance exam if you follow their advice.

Good luck.