International Students : THAPA SAKHILA

Contributing to improving a rural educational level of my home country, Nepal



Born in Rupandehi district, Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.

After graduating from Tribhuvan University, Le Van de human campus (Nepal), worked for Nepal Ministry of Education for five years.

Worked as a computer trainer for school teachers, and then came to Japan in 2013.

After studying the Japanese language in Okinawa for 2 years, enrolled in the Master's program in the Graduate School of Regional Development Studies at Toyo University, majoing in Regional Development Studies.

She will continue the PhD program in the Graduate school of Regional Development Studies at Toyo University from April 2015.

Q.Please tell us about your home country.

Nepal is a country which is located next to India and Tibet of China.
The Himalayas where Mount Everest is towering in the north and tourism industry is booming.

It is also called a birth country of "Buddha" who is the founder of Buddhism.

There are about 100 ethnic groups and 100 languages in Nepal and a common language is Napali. The land is horizontally long and the languages and foods are different between the east and the west.

I got a job after studying at faculty of education at university in my home country for 3 years. 
The work was also related to education and I learnt a lot. Particularly, I am interested in rural education.

Q.What prompted your decision to study in Japan?

Japan is so-called a developed country in Asia and Japanese technology is popular.
When I checked out Japanese education, a literacy rate is over 90% and I thought it would be a good environment for my research.

Q.Why did you select Toyo University?

When I was looking for a graduate school on the Internet, I found a various faculties and graduate schools were available and the course of Regional Development Studies was there, so Toyo University became interesting to me.

I participated in Admission Consultation Meeting in 2011 and talked directly with professors. I thought I could research on my desired area, and then chose to come to Toyo University.

Q.Please describe what you have aquired through the study at Graduate School.

The study of graduate school is not only lectures but also research and practical base studies, so you can learn a lot regarding your research theme and understand the actual cases.


Q.Please describe your current research topics and the content of lectures.

My research theme is "A role of social network regarding educational development in the rural agricultural area of Nepal".  I talk about "agricultural development of one rural village" in Nepal, utilizing "Social network" and give some suggestions for better development.

In the agricultural area of Nepal, there are a lot of residents who can not receive enough education, because of poverty.
They are bounded by the traditions and superstitions of the past and such a circumstance harmfully influenced them significantly to develop the rural agricultural area. I think education is essential for rural development and aquiring knowledge by the education would be a way of getting out from poverty.

Domestic and International NGOs have been operating at villages and the village people themselves belong to some sort of NGOs.

In my research, I examined the participating situation of residents and conducted the interview of current educational circumstances. 

The residents formed a "social network" including NGOs and they pointed out the current network situations and issues to be solved in the future.

I suggested that education should be also conducted effectively by utilizing the "social network".

In regards to lectures related to my research theme, I took the lectures in relation to  "social network" or 'development'.


At a slum community in Thailand


Conducting the interview in Nepal

Q.What kinds of scholarships did you receive?

In 2014, I received a scholarship of Toyo University Graduate Scholarship.

I was also selected as a Japanese Government Scholarship Student from October 2014 to March 2015, as Toyo University was selected  for the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) 's "Top Global University Project" over next 10 years. This scholarship is open to graduate international students who are privately funded and studying at Toyo University.

Q.How do you make ends meet?

For tuition and living expenses, my family transfered the funds from my country. I also had a part-time job at a bakery when school was off.

Since I was selected as a Japanese Government Scholarship Student, I have supported all expenses by the scholarship funds.

Q.What do you plan to do after you complete your degree?

From April 2015, I am going to continue my study at PhD program of Regional Development Studies at Toyo University Graduate School.  After three years when I will be completing my PhD program, I am going back to Nepal and want to work for people in Nepal as a social worker at NGO and so on.

Q.What messages do you have for students who are aiming to study at Toyo University?

Toyo University which has Regional Development Studies, is a great university.
It has a good environment for research and provides good equipment.

Professors are very kind, so I can do my reseach as I wish.