Educational Policy of the Graduate School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Educational Policy of the Graduate School of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Admission Policy

Masters’ Program

We conduct various entrance examinations, according to the applicants’ background. Through a combination of written examinations, interviews, and document selection, we accept applicants who demonstrate the following qualities and abilities:

1) The basic knowledge of and skills in practical food science, within the perspective of life science.

2) A strong willingness to contribute toward the development of the global community, with an interest in the relationship between food, nutrition, and health to ensure that people can stay healthy, bright, and vigorous throughout their lives. One of the following is also a requirement:

i) To contribute to global society as a highly professional specialist by using their full range of capabilities―expertise, practical skills, and integrated skills―related to life and health, as well as food safety and security.

 ii) To gain a comprehensive understanding of health science and exercise physiology, and to actively solve problems related to social issues by utilizing this expertise.

iii) To contribute to the extension of peoples’ healthy life span by making full use of expert knowledge through team-based medical practice or promotion of and advice health and nutrition through a healthy diet and life style as an official nutritional administrator.

3) The ability to contribute to society by using their knowledge of food environmental science.

4) The ability to determine their own research theme on social issues related to the food environment, by applying basic knowledge equivalent to the completion of a bachelor's degree.

5) A willingness to produce an accurate presentation of their research topic, to take responsibility for their own actions, and to discuss their work.