Department of Social Psychology, Faculty of Sociology

Department of Social Psychology

Educational Goals

We aim to foster students’ ability to understand various problems in modern society from the perspective of the “mind” and to creatively think of solutions to these problems. We are also striving to train specialists who use scientific methods to study the nature of the mind in modern society and who can propose plans or policies to create a developed society.


Analytical methods that separate the individual from the society are insufficient for clearly elucidating the essential nature of modern problems and finding a starting point to work on the solutions to these problems. Therefore, this department treats humans as “social beings” and uses scientific methods to answer questions regarding how human beings think, feel, act, and grow in social situations and what types of psychological problems can be observed among human relationships and social phenomena.
The department adopts the scholastic methods employed by social psychology for experiments, social research, and data analysis to clarify the regularity of human behaviors. Furthermore, lectures cover a wide variety of subjects that examine human psychology within society. Almost all the lecture subjects are courses completed in a half-term, thus allowing flexibility such that the courses can be taken to fit into each student’s individual study plan. The department also has a seminar program that continues from students’ freshmen to senior years and that serves as an independent place of learning for the organization of these lessons.


The seminar program that begins during the students’ freshmen year is offered on topics from a wide variety of fields, and it supports the students’ improvement of their abilities to work based on their own interests to think about a problem and solve it.
Experiments are an important research technique in psychology. It is possible to investigate “how people act in different situations” by conducting experiments. Therefore, the Department of Social Psychology has a laboratory for its exclusive use, and it can be used for students’ graduation theses or for “Experimental Research” classes.