Graduation Theses for the Department of Media and Communications

Writing a Graduation Thesis

In the Department of Media and Communications, the graduation thesis is treated as an elective. Therefore, it is possible to graduate from Toyo University without writing a graduation thesis. However, writing a graduation thesis also carries the significance of finishing your four-year study at Toyo University. We highly recommend that you write a graduation thesis if possible.
A full-time faculty member of the Department of Media and Communications will be in charge of supervising your graduation thesis writing. At the end of the third year, you will be required to choose an academic supervisor depending on a research theme of your choice for your thesis and write a thesis under the supervision of your academic supervisor.


Graduation Thesis Presentation Session

In the Department of Media and Communications, a graduation thesis joint presentation session for all seminars is conducted every year. Top authors are selected from each seminar to make presentations in front of all faculty members and students of allstudy years in the department. By participating in the session, first year students to third year students can specifically understand what a graduation thesis is, how to write one, and can learn some tips for writing a better graduation thesis.
Presenters receive commemorative gifts, and a networking reception is held after the session, which involves all seminars and all participating students in the department.

List of Graduation Thesis Topics

AY 2019

AY 2018

AY 2017

AY 2016

AY 2015

AY 2014

AY 2013

AY 2012

AY 2011

AY 2010

AY 2009

AY 2008

AY 2007

AY 2006

AY 2005

AY 2004

AY 2003


Record of winners of the Alumni Association Student Research Achievement Award in the Department of Media and Communications