Department of Architecture, Faculty of Science and Engineering

Educational Goals

Learn the pleasure of architecture and designing buildings and towns while getting a true sense of your future roles and responsibilities. Our goal is to educate students with the practical knowledge and perspective necessary for the future, as well as the management abilities required for effectively responding to societal demands.


From the first year onward, students in the Department of Architecture begin to study five specialized courses: Planning and Design, Community Design, Building Structure and Materials, Building Equipment, and Building Construction, and they learn Architectural Design and Drawing through comprehensive architecture lectures and seminar courses. In addition to mastering engineering knowledge focused on structures and the environment, architecture is also concerned with people and society as it is a discipline closely involved with people’s lives and society’s needs. To address these needs, we encourage the development of both artistic sensitivity and engineering intellect; therefore, we have a wide-ranging, in-depth curriculum that covers regional history and culture, allowing students to learn all aspects of architecture and the development of towns so as to enable them to create comfortable living spaces.


As Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture, the location of our campus, was named an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings, students are able to view and study its unique culture and architecture. Seminar courses such as Architectural Design and Drawing were developed to utilize this environment, with the local Kawagoe area playing host to students’ education and practice. By working on specific town issues as part of their subjects and cooperating with the people who actually reside in the region, students will master design, production, and community design practice based on history and culture.

As an element of architecture design education, “My Studio” is prepared for each student from the second year onward, in which we provide a space where students can develop concepts and devote themselves to producing study models. Of course, we also provide preparation support to obtain the First-Class Architect qualification.

The Regional Studies Course can be chosen as a Cross-Departmental Education Program (Minors) in the Department