Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Life Sciences

Educational Goals

1. Purpose of human resources development

From the microorganisms that inhabit extreme environments to the sophisticated human brain, the greater part of life phenomena remains unexplained. Advances in bioscience are not only able to uncover the mysteries of life, but are also essential to the creation of new industries, as they provide technologies that contribute to the formation of a rich human society and the conservation of the global environment. The purpose of our department is to educate students to have broad knowledge and skills in advanced science, to respond to the various problems of global society, and to become successful in various fields.

In particular, we educate future researchers and engineers to explore life science, future workers who make use of advanced knowledge, skills, and attitudes of life science beyond the confines of the country, and future teachers who will be involved in the education of students who will lead the next generation.

2. Skills to be acquired by students

Students in our department are expected to acquire: 

1) Enough knowledge to understand and explain life phenomena at the molecular, cellular, individual, and even geo-environmental levels.

2) Various technologies in life science to investigate the mysteries of life.

3) The ability to think in a logical and creative way to challenge an unknown area of life science.

4) A deep bioethical viewpoint towards global society and life itself.

5) An understanding of foreign cultures and language skills, which they will need to be successful internationally.