Overview of the Faculty of Letters

Educational Goals

The broad objective of the Faculty of Letters is to support students in becoming independent and well-cultivated citizens in the rapidly changing society of today. To achieve this, the Faculty of Letters has three basic pillars of education, namely, reading with deep understanding, writing with fluency, and thinking logically and critically. The curriculum consists of three main components: university common courses (general education courses), faculty common courses, and departmental (major-specific) courses. Through this curriculum, the Faculty aims to foster individuals with extensive knowledge and high expertise who are capable of undertaking active roles in the international arena.


Toyo University Faculty of Letters has a long history of almost 130 years, dating back to the establishment of the Private Philosophy Academy in 1887 by the school founder Enryo Inoue. Having inherited the school motto of “The basis of all learning is philosophy,” the Faculty of Letters has deeply examined the nature of human beings and society across generations and national borders.

Currently, the Faculty of Letters has seven departments. It aims to provide refined education through impactful small-group seminars and other classes. While emphasizing the three abilities most important for an improved life—reading, writing, and thinking—we foster individuals to advance into the future using their profound insight, clear vision, and self-directed learning experiences.