Department of Education (Primary Education Course), Faculty of Letters

We aim to train primary school teachers who have effective teaching skills and unique characters.

Characteristics of the Primary Education Course

In the Primary Education Course, our aim is to train teachers who possess specialized subject content knowledge and teaching skills, as well as those who have a versatile ability to respond flexibly and creatively to the various challenges that occur in schools in our rapidly changing society. The course is unique in that it develops the necessary competencies that ensure appropriate educational responses to children with special needs.

We set up four aspects of an ideal teacher as the educational objectives of the Course: (1) “teachers with effective teaching skills;” (2) “teachers who can promote cooperation among schools, local communities, and families;” (3) “teachers who can deal with the education of children with special needs;” and (4) “primary school teachers who can adapt themselves to devising English language education that reflects globalization.” The curriculum was developed to enable students to gain a broad range of competencies necessary to become the ideal teacher as described above.

We offer an original student teaching system that integrates theory and practice, called “the Oukan Education System” (Toyo University Model). Under this unique system, student teachers go back and forth between the university and their assigned elementary school on a regular basis to gain on-site school experience from their first year. This vast on-site experience enables the theories learned at the university to be tested in the real world, and the challenges and experiences in schools lead them to engage in further research back at the university.

Our aim is, therefore, to train elementary school teachers who have broad competencies and human qualities so that they can give their children confidence and “resilience to thrive in modern society.”