Department of Education (Human Development Course), Faculty of Letters

We assist our students to acquire the foundational abilities for lifelong learning from broad and new perspectives.

Characteristics of the Human Development Course

Considering education in a modern context requires us to address multifaceted and complex challenges that do not always fall within the realm of conventional school education. They include themes such as truancy and bullying, special needs education, environmental education, lifelong learning and social education, and the problems associated with nursing care in an aging society. In the Human Development Course, education and research are conducted from the perspectives of “lifelong development.”

By learning not only educational studies, but also a wide range of disciplines including history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc., students can explore what education really is in a modern society. By so doing, they gain the ability and versatility to acquire the necessary skills to deal with all kinds of problems that arise in the field of education from a broad perspective.

As it is also possible to obtain a teacher's license for junior high school, high school, and schools that focus on special needs education, our graduates have gone on to become active in various fields including education and welfare throughout Japan.