Department of Education, Faculty of Letters

Educational Goals

Based on the educational philosophy of the founder of the school Enryo Inoue, we educate our students to have rich “human capabilities” that will allow them to learn and act independently and autonomously through their studies about lifelong development. Our ultimate goal is to enable them to become citizens who “connect, empathize, and work with other people” not only at schools, but also in a variety of different settings.


As society undergoes rapid change due to globalization, the advancement of information and communication technology, and a rapidly aging population, there have been attempts to define a new kind of education. In view of this tempestuous era, the Department of Education reorganized its programs in 2008 and initiated a new system of education consisting of two majors. The Human Development Course was established along the tradition of education in the Department, and the newly added Primary Education Course was formulated to train primary school teachers. In addition, the Evening Course (similar to the Human Development Course in content) will continue to serve the diverse learning needs of students.


In both the majors and the Evening Course, curricula were established so that students will first acquire a foundational knowledge in education, and then go on to progress in their respective specializations. Extensive research and education are conducted by focusing on the keywords “lifelong development” in order to ensure that diverse education needs are met.

Department of Education

Human Development Course

We assist our students in acquiring the foundational abilities for lifelong learning from broad and new perspectives.


Students can study the following:

・ Education and modern society

・ Psychology and social education

・ Special needs education


Primary Education Course

We aim to train primary school teachers who possess effective “teaching skills” and unique characters.

We offer:

・ An original student teaching system that integrates theory and practice (Toyo University Model)

Students can study the following:

・ School education

・ Special needs education