Department of Law, Faculty of Law


Educational Objective

Educational goal is to develop human resource who can be active in a wide range of fields with excellent balance and flexibility, by cultivating legal mind (capability to judge the event logically from a legal aspect and cope with it) after deepening the knowledge and understanding of the law with a material of various issues which have occurred in the world.

The Outline

In the rapidly changing modern society, the environment surrounding the law which is a social rule has been transforming greatly. In the Department of Law, along with acquiring the fundamental skills to learn the law through the "introduction to the law", students will be led to the world of law that everyone may experience once smoothly. We develop the capability to solve the legal problems by acquiring a broad range of knowledge to think throughout four years, together with by studying the law-based subjects with a focus on the six major laws while a variety of associated peripheral subjects were installed.

The Characteristics

The Department organizes the curriculum for the students who want to be active in the field widely related to law. Students can study the six major laws chiefly, ranging from the associated peripheral subjects systematically and academically.